Resistance kegels to fight premature

I’ve tried doing some resistance kegels to primarily increase shooting distance and maybe improve control. Very simple, just manual stretching at high upward angle, above erection angle, and kegeling during that stretch. 50 short kegels, 5 x 10-second holds, 50 shorts, 5 holds, 50 shorts. I haven’t even done them regularly, 4 or 5 times in two weeks.

Indeed, it may be due to a different cause, but I’ve noticed drastic changes during sex or even jerking off. I had premature previously, I learned some control, but it was that, control, I had to do it consciously. However, after these kegels, I’ve got from premature to delayed, I had to kegel to cum, and I actually hasn’t been able to cum each time - I had no urge however I tried to cum faster.

Maybe this will be of some help for you.