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Recent Erection Problems 22 years old


Recent Erection Problems 22 years old

I’ve recently have had a very hard time getting and maintaining an erection and I was wondering If I could get some input. I’m 22 years old and masturbate frequently but recently I have had a hard time maintaining even a semi.

I have always worked out at least an hour a day 7 days a week and am very fit. Recently however I have changed my diet around and added more hours to the gym. I currently go to the gym at least 2 times a day sometimes 3, to lift heavy weights and run. I’m not sure if my problem is physiological or psychological. I feel like it’s physiological since even the erections I get at night when I really have to urinate are semis.

I have noticed sometimes my leg or one of my testicles get numb due to poor circulation in my legs but this has never been a problem with my erections before and I have actually increased my running to help with circulation. I am not taking any medications and even though I excessively masturbate sometimes I have waited about 2 weeks this time and I still can’t get it up. Help whats wrong with me?? Can anyone give me some advice? Did I break something down there?

What’s your PE routine consist of and how long have you been doing it? How is your libido - are you horny or have you noticed a decrease in desire? It is hard to tell if your problem might be coming from over training in the gym, over training with PE, or both.

Are you stressed out at all? So many things can mess with erections.

Welcome isex. I think your problem is you’re working too much in the gym.

I am with Marinera on this one.

When I use to go to the gym and work really hard(full force) my flacid length would diminish when I was working out.

Then when I got home I wouldn’t be able to get it up till like maybe 2 hours after the workout.

Maybe been pushing yourself too hard?

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Doing these workouts drains your body. The most important thing in body building is knowing when to rest.

Muscles only grow when you are resting!

Besides that, after a workout your testosterone level drops for a while. The hormone gets used in repairing your body. If you overwork things your testosterone levels will be permanently low.
To help with testosterone production and recovery eat oatmeal after your workout, this also contains a lot of egg whites. And make sure you get enough zinc.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I’ll try laying off the crazy amount workouts for a while and see if the erections return. I have just been really frustrated with my life recently and the gym is the only thing keeping me sane. I mean I feel great physically but the lack of erections is a little depressing especially since I am in the process of getting into my first relationship and it would be a disaster if my equipment didn’t work when I need it to.

My sex drive has really gone down but I’m still making decent gains in the muscle growth department and 5 mile a day run is really leaning me out to very low body fat %. Can a really low bf% give problems with erections?? I currently stopped all supplementation last month and have never been on any gear. I really don’t know how my test levels are being affected since I’m still having great muscle growth just little or no sex drive.

On another note, my PE routine is just the newbie routine minus the hot wraps. I’ve been doing it for around a month but recently stopped b/c of the lack of erections. My penis has always seemed to have a much weaker thinner base but after a good amount of arousal and some kegels I have always kept it hard enough it seems.

I have noticed some measurable gains in the month since I started PE but while the rest of my penis is getting thicker the base has stayed thin and the weight of the front seems to weigh it down. Is there anything you guys can recommend to strengthen the base?? The differences in thickness is getting more and more significant and while the rest of my penis is very hard the base never seems to stay as hard as it should unless I kegel.

Again thanks for the advice, I really appreciate everything

All your testosteron is used to restore muscle damnage, that’s why you are growing despite the heavy work. Chances are that, on the long run, you are going to match plateau in the gym, I’m afraid.

Thinning at the base is often observed at earlier phase of gains. This issue should fix by itself later. Also, you are a bit fatiguing ligs and at the same time pumping up your penis, that’s why your penis seems heavier and pointing down. Nothing to worry about. :)

Keep us update.

I am having a similar problem. I am 24. I DON’T work out a lot like isex.

For the past couple month or so I have been noticing that I cannot keep an erection (masturbation or PE). I am doing the newbie routine and for example just a couple hours ago I was jelqing (porn was on in the background) and every 10 jelqs or so I would need to take 2-3min to re-gain a decent erection to jelq again. I am horny constantly. I was masturbating almost everyday (sometimes twice a day). I have seen no decrease in my sex drive at all. Even during masturbation, I USED TO get an erection right away as soon as I would start a porno, but now I have to manually bring myself to an half-erection (full is rare).

I started taking L-Arginine and Gingko last week. 6g of Arg(2g 3 times a day) and 360mg (180mg 2 times a day). Now I have started getting morning wood for the past few days (it was a surprise when I got one the other day) but I am seriously concerned about my normal erection. I can’t remember the last time I had a full erection.

My problem MAY be psychological. The first time I started doing PE (a few months back) I was really disappointed in my size (which isn’t TOO bad). And this has always stuck in the back of my head. And tonight, as I was jelqing, and I couldn’t keep an erection so I started to worry about that. I was trying to jelq and concentrate on the porn (which was really good btw lol) but all I could think about was why I couldn’t keep an erection. It took 2-3 min just to get back to a state where I could continue jelqing so a 10 minute jelq session turned in 30 min cause I could only do a few before I had to work on the erection.

I should also mention that I DON’T drink (never have), DON’T smoke (never have), and DON’T do any kind of drugs. The only drugs I am taking are the Arg and Gingko mentioned above. I am on a low calorie diet. I am a little over weight but nothing too drastic. I would guess my body fat percentage at 30%.

I will be making an appointment with a urologist tomorrow. I recently moved so I need to find a new primary doctor to get a complete checkup done but will call the urologist first thing tomorrow morning.

Any tips? Ideas? Thanks in advance. This forum is incredible.

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Yeah. I got tips for both of you I’m 20 and had a recent decrease in libido.

But now I’m hornier than ever with rock hard erections. I’d love to talk about this but right now i need to leave.

I’ve been having ED problems since I began being sexually active (16yo).

For me though, it comes and goes randomly, staying or being gone for a month or two in time.

BTW what is the point of going to gym 3 times a day? Try finding another vent for frustration. Video games perhaps? At least the injury risk is lower.

And if you are frustrated with your life, as you say, that could very well be the reason behind your ED.

How often are you doing your kegels?

I was sort of having this problem about 7 or 8 months ago. I could sort of get it up, but I knew it wasn’t to it’s full potential. Since I started doing PE about a month ago I have not seen any gains yet, but my erection quality is through the roof, and only seems to get better as time goes on thanks to all of the kegels that I do throughout the day.

Hey there guys. I’m a newbie here. I’m an older guy (53) with some ED. Got a pump and using as an erection “builder” with a ring. Works great, and my wife loves the size I get. Tried Viagra and Celais, and they both worked, but the pump is safer and more effective.
My ED was/is related to obesity, hypertension and psychological. I’ve corrected all these problems and ED persists. No big deal.

I’m also an R.N. Of many years.

I am a bit concerned as to the advice given here for some of the posters (isex, computer junkie). ED can be a problem of a younger male, however it is rare and more than likely due to performance concerns. But, when isex complained of leg or testicle numbness, this cannot be attributed simply to “circulation” problems.
I know that it can be embarrassing to see a Dr. About ED problems, but with symptoms described by isex, computer junkie or others who are “younger”. ED is primarily a problem of guys my age, but you really should see a Dr. For a physical to make sure you don’t have diabetes or other medical conditions. IMHO.
Nice to be here.

When you over-exercise, your body actually experiences a drop in Testosterone levels. This could be related to your erection problems. Maybe you should cut back your gym visits, giving rest days during the week?

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