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Re: Erections, maybe there’s too much stress here?

Re: Erections, maybe there’s too much stress here?

Seems to me we are getting a lot of concerns about flagging erections and from guys who shouldn’t be having them, considering the statistical odds of their ages and their sexual performance, pre-PE.

There are a couple of factors we all need to be more aware of and learn to be more relaxed about.

PE is stressful on tissue. It is supposed to be. Stretching, squeezing, expanding by vacuum, pulling, and torquing – all the exercises we do put uncommon stress on our dicks. The idea is not to beat our dicks up, but to gradually accustom them to sensible stresses, not violent ones.

If you overdo exercises, expect serious feedback from your dick. It isn’t going to go up as fully as it used to and it’s likely to flat-out fail you when you most need it, when the pressure is on and you are having intercourse. Bad enough it won’t perform in your own hand. (Joke: What is “Ultimate Rejection”? Your hand falls asleep while you are jerking off.)

Performance Anxiety: You have a total failure at sex or you have a semi-failure. It goes up then deflates, or you can only manage a “stuffer,” or it doesn’t go up at all. If this happens even once when it never did before - you worry. If this happens again, you begin to drive yourself (in a Ferrari) down the Road of Self-fulfilling Prophecy. You worry it’ll happen again; it happens again because you worried that it would.

Review your PE program. Too much exercise too soon? Is one particular exercise clearly not right for you at this stage of your conditioning? You know the signs. Take heed of them.

Get in the habit of ending your PE workout with a good erection. Granted, sometimes you’re just too pooped to pop one or, by then, you’re not in the mood. No problem. Normally, though, you should be able to get a good hard-on and doing that after PE will reassure you that you haven’t overdone any exercise and also reassure you that you are still in good sexual shape.

Our Cultures: Common among the many represented here at Thunder’s is the strongly-held belief that men are ALWAYS supposed to be hard for sex. If they are not, there is something wrong with them.

Let’s get over that. Seriously, let’s just pitch that silly notion out the window. Believing that men are ALWAYS supposed to be ready for sex is just ridiculous. Men who buy into that are deluding themselves. Expect erection failures now and then and roll with the punches of them. Do something else. Snuggle together. Talk. Fall asleep in the “spoon” position. Tomorrow is another day.

The time to worry about erectile dysfunction is not when you have it once or a few times, but when a clear and continuing pattern is apparent. Then you march yourself off to a good doc and figure out why. Do I have Performance Anxiety or do I have some physical problem that needs medical attention? And believe me, there are a whole lot of solutions out there now for ED so don’t be afraid of the doctor option, if you have to use it.

Stress kills erections - emotional stress, work stress, PE stress, the car won’t pass inspection, and on, and on, and on. Treat your dick well and it will treat you well. When it doesn’t, give it a break. When that doesn’t work, give yourself a break. When that doesn’t work, see a competent doctor, but don’t assume you have ED unless you have good reason to believe you might.



>When it doesn’t, give it a break.<

Surely thats not going to help. I’ve read a lot about broken erections on actionlaugh.

Good points though.

I think the majority of guys here complaining of erection difficulties are complaining of variations on performance anxiety. The process of PE is a process that concentrates a lot of thought on a single organ; given enough time we can always find a problem; given more time still the problem will nag at the corners of the table cloth of sexual self confidence exposing the dark veneer beneath, which in turn sports a coffee cup stain that refuses to relinquish its glaring hold, even after strenuous efforts with multiple forms of cleaning agent.

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I was searching for “stress” and “erection*”… good post avocet8.

I’m beginning to think the main reason my dick isn’t very eager to go up 100% (it goes sometimes but not as much as I would like to) without porn is stress. Emotional and work stress as I don’t really put much physical stress on it. So I think I’ll try to stick to meditation this time, I hope I’ll find the time and discipline. Also, MORE positive thinking, laughing, not taking everything so seriously, and avoiding stress as much as I can. Sounds like a good plan? But then a question; do monks - relaxed, meditating all the time - get erections?

I’m sure they do, Koapu. Even with the best meditative practices, “impure” thoughts intrude. :)

What is that often-quoted factoid? That men have sex-related thoughts every so many seconds??



Good post and well worth reading again and again.

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