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Razor burn/ingrown hairs or the beginning of genital warts forming?

Razor burn/ingrown hairs or the beginning of genital warts forming?

Hey guys, please take a look at these photos and tell me what it looks like. They’re forming on the right side under my scrotum and a girl I was with was licking there so I’m pretty nervous she might have given me something. There is no pain there, just a tad itchy towards the end of the day so I’m hopeful it’s just razor burn but the skin is kind of drying around the bumps and I don’t remember if that’s common of razor burn or not…yo/56d4dbc0.jpg…yo/12bc5757.jpg…yo/f87cea01.jpg…yo/365eadba.jpg…yo/0bc366ac.jpg

Sorry I can’t just attach them I’m on my phone. I first noticed them yesterday, the day after we had sx. These photos are from today so about two days after sexual contact and probably three-four days since I shaved? Anyways please let me know what you think before I end up getting it checked out

I just did something very stupid, I googled genital warts under images and now I’m scarred for life. LMAO With that being said those spots you have don’t look ANYTHING like what I just saw, even if you were to be in the initial stages. What you have looks more like shaving related irritation, maybe even a treatable/mild form of dermatitis but I don’t even think it’s that serious. Is more itchy or painful?

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That’s just shaving/stubble rash.

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