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Rash on thigh

Rash on thigh

I got this red rash on my thighs in the same spot on both legs. It is red and looks a little bumpy. It is also exactly where my balls hang. Do you think it is from ball sweat?

Maybe you are pulling your pud to the right and then to the left, if so try pulling your pud straight out. Then make sure that you balls are cold by inserting them in some cold water or better still put some ice on them they may shrink but they will not sweat?

I think using a body talcum would be a heck of a lot easier than repeatedly icing your balls, seyz.

You may have something simple like Jock Itch. Treat for that with one of the over-the-counter meds for it. If that doesn’t work, see a doc.



My balls don’t itch. Just this thing on my thigh. It may be from workout sweat, I am not sure. By there are no signs of this rash on my balls.

Got a rash on the inside of my thighs once. The only thing I could guess as a cause was the heating pad I used to warm up. Then I looked at the heating pad and the thing was nasty. I washed the pad cover and have not gotten another rash.

Sounds like a heat rash. Do your legs rub together when you walk? Cotton boxers always chafe
my inner thighs. No fun.


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I have this same thing that comes back every now and then! Really annoying. It got really bad last year & the doc said it was a yeast infection. I keep myself clean, and it just comes up like a heat rash or whatever. I have NOW had it for quite a while(Like over a month). I have used Gold Bond, Tinactin & even desitin. Still there. Anyone else with this experience? (I am married BTW, and WE don’t cheat) so I do not think it is VD.

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