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Question for the doc - testosterone

How about DHT gel? I would assume that DHT instead of Testosterone would present a different set of chemical cues to the system.

"Debate the idea..."

I have been on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for a few months now, maybe six. I was diagnosed with Andropause, also known as male menopause. I had foggy thinking, excess body fat and mucsle decline, loss of erection quality and frequency and a testosterone blood level of 150 on a scale of 250-1000.

Since being on the TRT I have gained muscle, not shaken much weight but I used to drink alcohol frequently, my erections are like Im fifteen again, my cumshots are killer and I have my sharp thinking back again. The one thing that I have noticed is my nuts shrank up. I have tried taking damiana to increase my ball size and it works somewhat but you have to be really regular and consistent with the dosing. My free T is now 508 and rising.

I probably would not apply the lotion to my genitals, it is supposed to be absorbed thru the muscles of the shoulders, upper arms or rubbed on the belly. Others have complained of breaking out in the applied areas but that has only happened to me maybe a few times with a couple of small zits.

I also take Propecia as a DHT inhibitor for my hair loss. I ahvent read enough but I know one of the side effects can be erection issues so I dont know why anyone sees benefit to PE., but I am not a doctor at all, so what do I know.

Good luck

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One good resource for both doctors and patients is this forum. Swale is Dr. John Crisler, widely recognized as one of the top TRT doctors.

There are also some Yahoo groups devoted to male hormonal problems and TRT.

Ok dudes..just talked to medical information at Solvay U.S and the reasons are 3-fold.
1)The alcohol could cause dryness and irritation to the penis and scrotum.
2)The penis is more permeable and thin skinned compared to other areas which can cause increased absorbtion,therefore increasing the concentration above what is recomended and administered by the doctor.This is also to prevent any legal ramifications against the company,in case of an adverse effect that would be dangerous to the patient if levels were dramatically elevated.
3)There are more androgen receptors in the penis,once again leading to spikes and troughs which are not consistent and compliant with the recomendations from the drug company.

Some members were comenting on greater possibility of shutting down the HPTA due to increased absorbtion.However any amount of exogenous testosterone will cause supression,whether it’s applied to the penis or the recomended shoulder/arm and abdominal areas.The difference intime to supression is negligible regardless of the area of application.

Here’s something else to ponder……rgement_85.html

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Thanks for doing the trenchworl and calling. I appreciate knowing the answers are the same I get from my drug reps here.

trenchwork, not trenchworl…sorry typing too fast at work again.

I have read that DHT does not metabolise into estrogen and thus does not cause gyno like testosterone treatments can (in healthy males). I have also read (from some dubious sources, granted) that DHT is actually more closely related to the growth of the phallus than testosterone.

Now, if prostate cancer has been ruled out, and if male pattern baldness are no a genetic concern, don’t you think it would be an interesting study to identify if topically applied DHT gel would contribute to gains when applied to the shaft of the penis (not the testicles) and was picked up by the androgen receptors there?

I need more information, but it is SO difficult to find anything about the effects of exogenous DHT on healthy adult males. I was thinking about setting up a small experiment…

In four months I will begin clamping. I am trying to plan ahead and give myself time to build up to it. However, if I can find enough information to support my hunch, I am thinking of incorporating DHT gel into my clamping sessions.
Something like this:
* 10 minutes Warmup and manual stretching under Infrared Heat Lamp
* Wrap Testicles in ACE bandage
* Apply topical DHT gel
* 10 minutes clamp (session 1)
* 5 minutes of jelq
* 10 minutes of clamp (session 2)
* 5 minutes of jelq
* 10 minutes of clamp (session 3)
* Hot Shower to wash off gel and Warm Down.

"Debate the idea..."

Excellent Goon, I would be interested in hearing the results of your experiment…and so would a lot of people on this forum, I imagine.

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A little light reading.

Yeah like a novel:) but a really good page turner

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My two cents.

Testosterone medication.

Androgens cause masculinisation; they may be used as replacement therapy in castrated adults and in those who are hypogonadal (slow pubertal development) either due to pituitary or testicular disease (the pituitary is the area of the brain that is responsible for stimulating sex hormone and indeed all other hormones in the body – for more information look up the “hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis” on Google) just copy and paste whatever in in the quotation marks.

In the normal male, they inhibit pituitary gonadotrophin secretion (a hormone that is used in the feedback mechanism of testosterone regulation) and depress spermatogenesis (the production of sperm). Androgens also have an anabolic action which led to the development of anabolic steroids.
Androgens are useless as a treatment of impotence and in abnormal sperm production, unless there is hypogonadism – but this needs specialist investigation and treatment.

When given to patients who have hypogonadism, they can help in normal sexual development and potency but not in fertility. If fertility is wanted, the usual treatment is gonadotrophins- releasing hormone (the hormone that the pituitary releases in order to develop the testis. It is this hormone that stimulates testicular development, and once the testis are developed, they produce testosterone and so this testosterone negatively feeds back onto the pituitary so it can regulate hormone levels)

Of course, if you try to add too much of this gel to your body thinking it’ll make you into some stallion think again. The testosterone that will be in your body will be too high and so your brain will think its stimulating your testis too much and switch the gonotrophin hormone, if this is switched off, your testis will shrink!

These should be used carefully for boys who have delayed puberty as it can cause the bone plates to fuse and so you end up being a shortie.
The best approach is to give injection of testosterone into the body for replacement therapy, but a testosterone implant of a slow releasing capsule can also be given.

Women can also be given testosterone in order to improve libido whilst they have hormone replacement therapy when they go through the menopause.

I’ll be frank, I’ve never heard of androgel. But I guess its FDA approved but not approved by the Royal Pharmaceuticals Society of Great Britain.

People of the medical profession tend to be more familiar with generic names (drug names that aren’t patented) rather than brand names.

The closest thing I could find that resembled it was Testogel ® made by Schering Health which contains 50mg of testosterone in 5mg sachet. Costs about £33.
The reason why they recommend not putting the gel onto the genital area is the skin is very thin and so could affect the sustained release of the drug into your body. It’s also because the alcohol is irritable to the skin in that area. So my guess is don’t try it! I doubt it’ll “shut the boys down” but who knows? Maybe they’ll get a bit dopey!

One word of warning:
Always wash your hands after using this gel; you must remove the testosterone gel from your hands after applying it! This is so you don’t transfer testosterone to other people, especially pregnant women and children. – Always read the leaflet of your Androgel. ®
Source: British National Formulary


In bodybuilding, there are reports that some women have noticed that their clitoris becomes larger after taking anabolic steroids. Once they come off the stuff, their clitoris does reduce somewhat, but never back to what it was like originally, it is also known that steroid creams are used on the area for women who intend to do sex change operations. It is also noted that steroids given to bodybuilders which although increase the ‘bulk’ of their muscles, tends to weaken the ligaments and tendons in their body (I don’t know if its reversible) - so my question is; considering the effects that it has had on women and also on the ligaments of certain individuals, would applying steroid cream to the penis provide better development and also weaken the ligaments and tunica and so provide a better gain?

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I think much more research is needed. I don’t understand why there isn’t something somewhere demonstrating the testing of DHT on Healthy adult males (even if they were male lab rats). I must not be looking in the right places. Surely all the cautionary statements are not pure conjecture.

The silence is deafening.

"Debate the idea..."

Originally Posted by goonbaby
I must not be looking in the right places.

Use pubmed for medical research publications.…earch&DB=pubmed

type this in

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Yes, I am familiar with PUBMED and I have done several searches for relevant DHT (it is so much easier to type) research. Not much there.

Perhaps it is a problem with the medical sciences and their conservative orthodoxy. I simply do not see the enthusiastic pursuit of “all possible advances” in knowledge that were so prevalent in scientific praxis of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Somewhere we got the idea that alchemy was a “bad” thing.


"Debate the idea..."

Topical steroid on the penis? Looks like it might work!

J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2005 May;18(5):507-10. Related Articles, Links

Sexual development in a 21 month-old boy caused by testosterone contamination of a topical hydrocortisone cream.

Svoren BM, Wolfsdorf JI.

Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Children ‘s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02215, USA.

Sexual development, including enlargement of the penis, growth acceleration, and growth of pubic hair without an increase in the size of his testes, occurred in a 21 month-old boy over a period of several months. The sexual development was caused by dermal exposure to a hydrocortisone cream, prescribed for eczema, which was contaminated by testosterone. After use of the cream was discontinued, sexual development ceased.

Publication Types:

* Case Reports

PMID: 15921181 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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