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question for female members

question for female members

hi,i was wandering what do you think is the perfect size for a headjob.Like big and thick 6” girth might feel good down there,but getting a headjob would painful.Teeth grinding against your cock and she wouldnt be liking it either having her jaw ripped apart.

So i ask the female members……what is the perfect size for a headjob.keeping in mind you want a size to enjoy the head job expereince so you will want to do it again,and also the girth has to be big enough to satisfy you down there too……..hope you can shed some light on this….thanks

I guess the perfect size depends on what the man wants and likes. I don’t know many sword swallowers so if the man is wealthy in lengthxwidth and likes to be “swallowed” chances are, that won’t be happening much. Unlike the guy who is just right, and I mean average and below, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, you can’t pick out size before hand so you have to work with what you got. So if you have someone giving you a “headjob” and you think there are areas of improvement, discuss it. But please be careful of what you say. Some people do not like being judged on their performance regardless of what they are doing.

I think the maximum girth that I like to deal with is 6” anything above that is a workout. The length doesn’t matter much to me. The size I like is 7x6. That’s my story and I am sticking with it. I am also a glans girl. I like nice glans and a very pronounced corona. The bigger the better. Girth matters to me.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Women aren't the only ones.

Forum members who are gay or bisexual men probably have an opinion on this as well. As one of them, I’ll say that girth is the limiting factor for a BJ and I agree with Anna that anything much over 6 inches around means more work. Seven or eight inches in length by six inches in girth gives you room to grasp and room to, uh, perform.

I’ve been thinking about this subject lately and wondered why so many guys here want to be (or are already) above six inches in girth (one even wanted eight). Then I realized that vaginas are much more accommodating than a mouth or anus when it comes to girth and some women will say wider is better. But when it comes to oral, there is a limit to what is easy to work with. For myself, since I don’t have sex with people who have vaginas, increased girth is the last thing I’m wanting from PE. Well, maybe just a little more. :leftie:

I think that hould be an overall question when a man decides to do PE. What size penis do I want that will satisfy me overall? Th elook of a fat lengthy penis is gorgeous. I have to admit that. But seeing a truck and driving a truck are two different things. I don’t know why someone would want an 8” girth :eek: That is massive. That is more than I want inside of me. (And I only saw that because I have never had anything that thick. I hate to knock something I never tried).

Westla..what is the ideal size to you?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar


Anna said: “But seeing a truck and driving a truck are two different things.”

I love that analogy! You asked, “Westla..what is the ideal size to you?” For oral, which is the topic under discussion, I think 6” girth or smaller is easier to deal with. Length isn’t that much of a factor as long as you can hold on while you do your business.

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