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Question about vaginal stimulation

Question about vaginal stimulation

So a girl I don’t know very well and I decided to mess around a little bit. During foreplay, I proceeded to finger her and eventually quite rapidly. I had pulled my fingers out a few times of course(nothing on them at the time). While fingering her more, she began to moan louder and I proceeded to penetrate my fingers faster and faster into her vagina. I have a question for female members or male members with knowledge of this subject. To my suprise, I pulled out my fingers finally and there was blood on them. Not totally red, but there was a decent amount of blood present on them.

Does anyone know why this might be the case? Was she on her period(if she was then why didn’t I notice blood on my fingers earlier)? Was she a virgin? Is it possible I somehow cut her vaginal walls? After she saw it and I saw it, she seemed very timid and didn’t seem to welcome the idea of me fingering her further. She said she wanted to go back home. If anyone can shed some light on this that would be great. I apologize if this question does not coincide with the forum guidelines and hope no one is offended by this.

I also just realized this probably isn’t the best section to post this, but I’ve just become so accustomed to posting in the newbie forum. My mistake.

It could be her periods, because I once slept with a woman who had her periods and during the first couple of minutes there wasn’t any blood, not on the bed, not on my penis. But eventually it did end up messy and when we came and I pulled out, I was pretty much well covered in blood down there (she was laying on top).

So there’s no need for me to be worried about an STD is there?

I can’t tell, I’m not a doctor. If you worry about it you could always go see a doctor to be sure.

But my guess is that she was having her periods.

Did she get really wet or was she kind of dry? Once when I was dry fucking my gf she bled a little because she wasn’t wet enough so maybe? If its bothering you that much just ask her.

She was probably JUST starting her period - probably came a little bit early for her. A lot of women are “shy” about having sex when they’re on their period.

Originally Posted by thinkerer
She was probably JUST starting her period - probably came a little bit early for her. A lot of women are “shy” about having sex when they’re on their period.

That was my first thought too.

I guess I’m a little confused. I really don’t want to be dealing with something like herpes. I don’t know the girl very well at all, so I don’t know how to really ask her without it being offensive.

Maybe you rubbed her raw. Maybe those were moans of pain and not pleasure. Ask her, at least you will know.

Chicken & thinkerer hit it.

Often a good O can start off the menses a day early.

It isn’t herpes and you didn’t rub her raw- she’d have stopped you long before it got bloody.

If you want to be a real champ with the ladies, learn how to go down on them during menses and they’ll brag to all their girlfriends.

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My take, she started her period. And how you can approach this is to say, I’m concerned is everything ok. If she says yes, it was her period; if she hesitates, I would talk to a doctor just to calm your own fears.

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It may be her hymen was ruptured a bit if she has never had that much activity going in and out of her, it sounded like you were going quite hard. The hymen is on the opening of the vagina, it is there until child birth.

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