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question about std's and condoms


question about std's and condoms

I’ve been using Trojan Magnums and I’m not sure if its my girth or length, but the thing simply does not stay down covering my whole dick, it bunches up higher on it constantly, leaving a good portion near the base exposed during deep intercourse.

My question is what section of the penis is succeptible to std’s? Am I not protected if the base and about an inch of my penis is rubbing the vagina?

I realize the solution is a bigger condum but I’m just wondering what part of the penis can actually receive std’s….also what about your balls rubbing on the woman? Can std’s be spread like this?

I’d guess also that different std’s can spread with varying amounts of contact?

Thanks guys



Could be wrong but I think it is the sensitive skin around the glans, and the foreskin when retracted (if you have it).

The skin is quite weak and can get tiny abrasions and cuts that let the infection in. I think you’re ok at the base, but it’s hardly worth risking it and not fixing your problem.

You can contract some STDs, such as herpes and HPV (both incurable, though treatable), even if the condom is covering the entire penis. But yeah, there shouldn’t be a big difference in risk between total-penis-covered and one-inch-uncovered.

I find that no matter what size or variety of condom I wear, it always gradually slips off during intercourse. I often have to go through three condoms in one session! I think my problem is excessive precum lubricating the interior.

Okay thanks guys!




One point to ponder……. Do you shave your pubes at all????

If so; shaving MAY result in micro cuts that can leave you susceptible to STD’s.

I’d keep as much covered as possible!!!! Don’t take the risk!

I wanted to start a new thread, but this one applies, although it is old.
Thinking about fucking a mexican stripper in Nogales, but reading about condom protection, I think it is a crazy thing to do.
My understanding is that STDs can be transmitted 2 ways; bodily fluids or skin to skin contact. The bodily fluid diseases are Gonorhea, Chlamidia, aids. The fluids have to contact mucus membranes, meaning vagina or male urethra.
Condoms, then, are good at protecting against these diseases.
Skin to skin contact diseases are Herpes, HPV, syphilis. Infected skin is not always visibly noticable, and a condom will only protect you if it is covering the skin that you are contacting! So, around the base of the penis, scrotum, etc are not protected, and if touched by infected skin, you can be infected.

I am not an expert. Can anyone knowledgable please confirm or expound on this?

Don’t do the stripper! You cannot count on condoms and they do have a failure rate that is enough to get you exposed to something. Think about Hepatitis B too as it is more contagious than HIV. I work with a lot of public health people and std educators within those public health depts and you would not believe what is possible.

I would watch her do her thing on stage, go home and do myself and live a disease free life!

Here’s what I know about it:

Condoms (obviously) are a barrier to prevent fluid transfer. That’s how most things get around. So if the condom is riding up and NOT covering, you would logically be at greater risk.

Std’s are just little bastards (ex. viruses) that have evolved numerous ways to get across from one host to the next. Really, you can get them through ANY skin-to-skin contact. Some are just better than others at getting into a new host.

Disease transfer is generally higher when there is mucus membrane contact. Like the vagina, the penis has a mucus membrane area. For men, it’s the part just behind the dick head (non-erect, your foreskin usually covers this area.) As I understand it, (not a rabbi) :D the membrane usually removed as part of circumcision.

Eliminating mucus membrane contact reduces the risk. For example, recent studies have shown that the transfer rate of HIV is less for men who have been circumcized. Now they’re actually talking about instituting male circumcision in Africa to curb the spread of HIV.

Bottom line, bagging it is important, but preventing mucus membrane contact is crucial. Man, don’t do her if there’s a question! It ain’t worth the risk of carrying an incurable disease (ex. Aids, Hepatitis) with you the rest of your life! You get something like that, nobody will want to go near you!

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Don’t do the stripper!


I guess it makes sense to not take stupid risks. In Mexico, stripper is just a code word for prostitute, so who knows how many guys fuck them, especially the ones in the border towns.
But if you saw these girls! Usually around 18, super lean, with that lovely brown skin and big brown eyes! They look and smell so clean and fuckable!
But looks can be deceiving eh?
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I think Danya69 had the best advice. As tempting as they are, nothing is 100% as far as insurance goes.
He’s also right about all the other crap as well, hep B, Hep C, TB, tons of other shit also.
If she’s a doper the risk factor just went up 100 fold as well.
ANY skin not covered can serve as a point of contact or entry.
Are you a gambling man? Feeling lucky these days?

With all the BS going on in Mexico I would be more worried about being kidnapped or winding up dead though.
There’s a lot to be said for staying state side of the border and trying to find a home grown girl.
But I do know what you mean about those little brown skin girls …….

I’ve recently solved the problem by pulling the penis out and continuing to roll the condom down, so when it bunches up a little, it’s still covering the entire length.

Some are contact through skin others are contact between sexual liquids so it would be through your urethra.

I’ve recently solved the problem by pulling the penis out and continuing to roll the condom down, so when it bunches up a little, it’s still covering the entire length.

Although that is a good practice, I don’t think it solves the problem. Pussy lips and vaginal juices touching your scrotum and all around your pubic area is a risk. I’ve never seen a condom that can cover EVERYTHING.

True. Sometimes I’m a bit concerned, because I don’t leave enough air in the tip and the semen comes out at the base.

Even more dangerous though, is that I don’t put on a condom until right before I have sex. This means that my dick does come into contact with the outer lips, where precum and vaginal juices can mix. The only good thing is, is that I’m in a monogamous relationship where partners have been tested.

Yah, I have sex with one person, whos on the pill. I really don’t worry.


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