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Pumping for foreskin restoration

Pumping for foreskin restoration

Since this is the only place I can start a thread, here’s the question:

I understand that it is supposedly possible to restore your foreskin through pumping. Does anybody have experience with this? How do you do this? Thanks.

I haven’t heard that. I restored several years ago using the time-honored t-tape and elastic strap method. There are newer “tuggers” on the market, or that you can make, but pumping is not something I’ve heard of being successful. It might temporarily fill the skin with fluid, but it wouldn’t stretch the skin in the right place or the right way. A search here on Thunder’s Place or via Google will provide you with many methods that do work if you’re interested. If you do try pumping let us know if you have any success.


I can move this thread to the Pumpers Forum if you would like. Just let me know if you’d rather have it there.

Some who were interested in foreskin restoration have used pumping as part of that process. As a result of pumping, you may develop more loose skin on your shaft, which would contribute to your restoration effort. There are also specially shaped cylinders for pumpers specifically aimed at foreskin development, although I do not know how effective they are. Boston Pump is the one I could find most easily for illustration purposes:…ATS&Category=14

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I’ve heard about pumping, too, but I restored using standard tension techniques. I think skin growth is best achieved with persistent gentle tension. Pumping is too bulky to do 24/7, unless your job is like being a lab rat. You have the best control over a natural-looking cosmetic end result with tugging. Your skin will be comfortably restrained 24/7 to a nice conical taper, and will grow to assume that shape.

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