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Pubic hair question

Pubic hair question

I have a problem with my pubic hair in that the hair closer to my stomach is rather curly and the hair closer to my shaft grows straight down. This leaves a gap in which my skin is practically bare. I could shave all the hair that grows straight down, but I don’t like having that much bare skin. And I like the way it looks when I straigthen the curly hair out a little.

Anyway, I expected to be able to find some shampoo or something that might help with the straigtening but found nothing. Does anything easy like shampoo exist to help straighten some of the hair out?

I’ve got the same type of growth. I use clippers to thin out my bush to the point where it almost blends with the hair on my stomach. Make sense?

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

07/15/04 at 7.00" BPEL x 5.00"

Goal...bigger ;)

It would be easier to make the two types match by clipping them to the same length, such as 1/2” or even less. You still get the “look” of the pubic patch, but the difference in hair types is less noticeable.

Yea that makes sense, and it looks like it is probably the best option. For some reason I just figured that there would be some sort of shampoo that might help. But as far as just normal brands of shampoo, I don’t think straightening types exist.

Anyway, thanks for the replies, I think I will just start clipping. Any recommendations on clippers?

There are “straightening” solutions, but don’t use them. I wouldn’t put those chemicals (ammonium hydroxide, LYE!!) near my dick. They turn your hair weak and rough.

There is a technique like the opposite of a perm, but it costs about $100 per hour to perform, and is usually done to the hair on your scalp :) Feel free to inquire about getting it done down there, heheheh.

Clippers? Go to Target and you’ll find a set for less than $7-10 bucks. It comes with several gaurds, oil, etc.

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

07/15/04 at 7.00" BPEL x 5.00"

Goal...bigger ;)

I have the exact opposite problem…

I am relatively hairless all over, i have hair but very thin and/or blends in with my skin tone giving the look that i have no hair, but where i do have hair, my head/pubes, are freaking thick and out of control, but the rest of my body is practically bare. My pubes i find irritating because they grow straight but god damn it grows down like half my shaft and like 3-4 ingrowns come up after each series of grooming, and damn those are annoying. I wonder if those hair removal creams are safe to use down there… like those female bikini zone creams, Nair?

i have grooming the downstairs but if I don’t, it looks all funny cause i have a bare chest and legs them, boom, a jungle of hair if i don’t groom it.

I would use Nair for Men in pubic area. I am hairly and wish I was like you, bustanutrulz.

I shaved my hair chest with clippers and then shave it once a week with shaving cream and Mach 3.Trimmed pubic hair so the curly hair is less than an inch. Shave with Mach3 at base of my dick and balls once a week.

Hey Guys
you think it’s possible to have a laser only for the hairs
on the shaft?
I find annoying that ones, particularly.

btw…I was thinking, a laser performed by a
nice professional girl, possibly…eh eh eh
Nice idea or not?


they say on pubic zone they (most of the operators) take away only

‘around’ the zone…LOL

So I think there is nothing to do…

Ok, is not so important.

Funny but I dont care about trimming around the zone

is very easy…but on the shaft, it’s more annoying…

and sometimes I cut me. What I dont like is that is plenty

of veins there so…is quite impossible for me to do a good job.

I use an electric trimmer.

You guys how you do it?

I dont think chemicals product are good.


How about getting the famous Seiko personal shaver to get the job done?

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