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Psychological ED

Psychological ED

Has anyone had problems with occasional ED? I seem to have difficulty sometimes, when I am with a woman that I have never been with before. Even ED drugs don’t seem to help. It does not happen all the time. It is just that it is unpredictable. It does not seem to be related to what I eat or drink. In fact drinking alcohol sometimes helps.

There are a lot of guys who are wearing your same shoes. New relationship, first time sex with her, you want it to be right; this often equals a whole lot of pressure. Pressure causes adrenalin surges and they cause the ED.

My best advice to you is to lay it all out on the line. Confess. Just say to her right up front that the first time you are with a new partner you experience a lot of nervousness and things don’t always work real well. Women love this, actually. They are not accustomed to men admitting that they can be a little fragile and they leap to the challenge - at least the women who are worth their salt do. They do all they can to get you to relax.

A good trick is this: First time together ask her to spend the night. Tell her that your first night together you want to just spend getting to know each other some. Do only relaxing things. Cook together or go somewhere nice. Let her pick a rental movie. Go to bed and snuggle and talk. Rule is, right up front, no sex that night but messing around is OK. If you get hard while you mess around, break your own rule. :) But in the morning you will be rested; your testosterone levels will be higher than at any other time of the day and odds are very high that you will be supercharged. If you are very anxious about all this anyway, take a Cialis the day before.

The next time you are together you won’t need anything because you will have created together a bond of trust with each other having only been in bed together.



The alcohol relaxing you is a key - it’s purely in your mind. Alot of young guys worry when they couldn’t get it up the first time with a girl even though they spank a spicy hot boner several times a day by themselves, which is quaintly naive from a cynical seasoned older perspective.

Avocet’s advice is cherry scented and sprinkled with gold. Every time should be like that.

Harmony: I am sorry to hear about your ED and hope that Avocet’s advice will be applied and be effective in dealing with this challenge. I too have recently suffered ED however I am still trying to figure out what is going on however I will start my own thread as there is a lot more to it all. Keep us informed about your progress.

Avocet your advice is very sound and is the best way to go about things.Thank you for your continued input on Thunders.

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