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Prostatitis Info Requested

Prostatitis Info Requested

Greetings all –

I have read several of the existing threads concerning prostatitis, but I have several questions that I thought would be better addressed in a new thread.

I was diagnosed with what is my second case of prostatitis a couple of weeks ago. First case was in 2003. This does appear to be the bacterial type. Blood and pus in the urine and bacteria growth. I had very painful and frequent urination at first, but that has now subsided. Now I just have a dull lower back ache. Prescribed medication is Levaquin antibiotic and Flomax to free up urine flow.

My first question is about supplements. I am presently taking fish oil, ZMA, saw palmetto. pygeum, and some maca. Does anyone have an opinion on whether any of these either aid or hinder my condition? It would seem fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties would help. Doc said to stay on saw palmetto. What about the rest?

Second question is about prostate massage. I have read quite a bit about this at various Internet sites and purchased a PS2 New from High Island Health. It’s the same thing as the Aeneros. I have used it a couple of times. It’s not painful and actually feels quite good, but I am wondering if using this while I still have infection is okay or not? High Island has a forum, but I couldn’t find any direct opinion on this.

So any input or relevant experience from our resident experts would be much appreciated.


I had prostatitis before. IMHO, stimulating supplements like maca should not be taken. Zinc is important, but I am not sure ZMA is the best in this case. Drink a lot of water, and make sure that you can open your bowels easily (by eating more vegetable). No coffee because coffee is also stimulating.

If you have bacterial prostatitis it will be to your advantage to ejaculate more often then you normally would. By doing so you help to “clear” the small chambers within the prostate, acini, of fluids which harbor the bacteria and will make the work of the antibiotic much easier: fewer “enemy” to kill because you have ejaculated out a great number of them each time. Also, you may get some immediate relief of symptoms by ejaculating.

If your doctor has prescribed only a short regimen of the antibiotic like 10 days, ask if it might be a good idea to stay on it longer. The prostate is resistant to many antibiotic drugs. They take a long time, sometimes, for antibiotics to do their real work.

After you are off the antibiotic and hopefully symptom free, ask for another culture to verify that you are clear of bacteria.

Saw palmetto often helps releive the annoying symptoms when you are symptomatic. Fish oil is of dubious help. Zinc does nothing to kill bacterial. Ditto pygeum and maca.

You can massage your prostate if you want. But best to ejaculate after you finish the massage.



Thanks -

One problem with Flomax is that it really cuts down on ejaculate. I only get a few drops out. However I will gladly follow your advice Avocet and get as much out as I can.:) Doc really wants me to stay on the Flomax for awhile in order to keep urine free flowing.

Thanks again for your help.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Zinc does nothing to kill bacteria?

Right. It wouldn’t be uncommon for an enlarged prostate to test low in zinc but not in the presence of bacterial prostatitis when cellular levels of zinc are usually high or abnormally high. Adding more zinc through supplementation increases zinc retention and can make symptoms worse. Although the prostate can enlarge during a prostatitis flareup, that is different from having chronic benign prostatic hypertrophy (enarged prostate). In the case of BPH, some zinc supplementation might help.



Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Let the doc know what supps you are taking.

Good advice and I have told him.


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