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Prostate massager (Aneros)


I realize this is an old thread but I’m wondering if anyone would share a more recent review of this product. I’m thinking about getting the Helix.

My experience over the past year.

Originally Posted by curiousjo
I realize this is an old thread but I’m wondering if anyone would share a more recent review of this product. I’m thinking about getting the Helix.

I’ve been enjoying my Aneros tools for over a year now, and I can definitely give them high scores for fun and pleasure.

My first prostate message toy was the MGX Classic, but I found that the perineum tab (which provides extra exterior perineum stimulation) was very hard and during use would tend to cause some discomfort. It was then that I decided to try the Helix Syn, which was advertised to have a much softer p-tab.

I have since graduated on to the “Vice” .. A prostate message toy with a fully adjustable, battery-operated vibrator installed. Not for the squeamish.

With these toys, I am in pure heaven. With the Helix Syn fully inserted, laying on my side, and squeezing my butt muscles sporadically, the tool produces an unbelievable sensation.. Hard to describe if you’ve never felt it before. But, much like the feeling you get just before you ejaculate. But, much stronger.

Be sure to have a few towels around.. Once you get that baby fully seated inside of you, you’ll immediately start leaking slippery pre-cum like a runny faucet. I never thought that I could produce such a huge amount of pre-cum. I literally soaked a small towel after an hour and a half..

Also, they tell you to use plenty of lubrication. Believe me.. It’s true. I use a lubricant launcher (like a syringe that’s inserted directly in your butt and filled full with a water-based, glycerin-free lubricant), and then coat the toy you’ll be inserting with a generous amount of a thick gel-type lube. Try to stay away from petroleum based jelly.. It’ll damage the messager. I prefer a product called “Boy Butter”

A whole new world was opened up for me.

To hear what others are saying about it, go to:

Good luck!

I have experience with a few different massagers, though my wife’s strap-on service, in many ways, beats them all! The primary difficulty I am going to present for me is that in recent years I have moved from the Quantity phase of life into the Quality phase and I have an occasional issue with the mechanics of making love, versus just making love. Probably because the more I have one of these devices in my ass the more curious and ‘desirous’ I get to have a real penis attached to a real man taking over those responsibilities and doing to me what I have been doing to my women for the past 50+ years.

My/our favorites - best price I found for each was from Amazon.

Rocks Off - Naughty-Boy, as a beginner
Rocks Off - Big-Boy
Aneros - Progasm

Naughty Boy - easy to insert - vibration is nice - did nothing for me more than making me want to experience more and better, but I have heard others that swear by it.

Big-Boy - though it does not look like it, getting the third knob past the sphincter was not an easy task. Not nearly as girthy as my own glans, I got an appreciation for my wife’s anal receptivity during the learning process of it! The first time my wife finally got it fully installed in side me, she has to use so much ‘thrust and withdrawal’ on my ass, that when the 3rd knob broke through, I came immediately :-) My wife and I have used it during intercourse and she said that she likes the vibrations coming through me and into her. I like it when she likes it! I probably use it 2x a week? You can easily sit and read or compute or smut surf or whatever with both the Rock Off devices.

Progasm - (Aneros ICE - it is clear and sexy) What more use the Big-Boy did for me was to make my ‘canal’ more comfortable with something of size going in and staying in, as apposed to coming out. It slipped in easily after using the Big-Boy and by following the simple instructions of relaxing, anal clenching, deep slow breathing and relaxing, it quickly became a very pleasant experience. I am not able to comfortably sit with the Progasm in because it has a ‘tail’. My anus is not offset far enough and I don’t have a butt any longer (laugh you MF’ers, you’ll get to 60+ one day), so I tend to either practice my Brain Reconditioning Program to reading - watching anything but freekin (sic) Nancy Grace - and frequently fall asleep - which has yielded some very, Very, VEry, VERy, VERY erotic dreams. I now ‘wear’ the Progasm around the house. I have gone to shopping and to the grocery store and wish I hadn’t as I left the grocery with one significantly large pre-cum spot on my jeans. It is a vicarious thrill to walk around in public with something pleasant stuff up you ass. I do yard work. Bending over to weed is wonderful. Walking and climbing step is terrific. Moderate calisthenics is most pleasant. Have not tried sit ups yet, but maybe tonight. Doubt that will be comfortable. Wife and I both like the results of the Progasm as the Progasm seems to have dramatically increased my pre and ‘load’ quantities and my Avatar Statement is:

Creampie: The dessert that uses more calories to make than to consume!

More lubrication for both of us and a guarantee that I am going to ‘get down there’ in case she did not get off or did not get off enough.

Creampie Dessert works for me as ED meds do for others, I assume, but that is a different discussion and a different bent.

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