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Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

Thanks guy’s for the support. I asked the Oncologist if I should have the Brackhkey therapy, he told me that my tumor was large for that treatment, so he put me down for 3D radiation. I have to go to cancer clinic on the 10 of October, for an implant of three metal guides, so that the radiation can be directed on the prostrate.

I agree with Hog7.5.

If you have prostrate cancer, just don’t lay on your stomach….then, you have no cancer!

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Hi all, I have to go the cancer clinic on Wednesday, for my first bout of Radiation. I have to go Monday - Friday, for seven weeks. The Oncologist told me that I have a 90% chance of cure. He also stated that if I wait three years I would only have a 50% of full recovery


Good move, Terry. Stay with the program. If you need any advice on erectile function after completing treatment, PM me. But before you do that, ask your doctor what he recommends as post-treatment erectile therapy.

Let us know how it’s going, as it happens. Lots of guys here will face the same issues as they age.



Thanks avocet8, I had my first of 37, 12 minuit sessions. They use photon radiation as opposed to Xray radiation. The photon energy has a much deeper penetration capability, and therefore gets into the Prostrate. The cancer cells do like oxygen, and do not recover from the photon blast, whereas the normal cells do recover. I was told not to take any antioxidants when I am on this radiation. I will keep you informed on my progress

Prostate Terry. I changed the thread title. This is too important to be ignored by the search engine because of a misspelling.

Prostrate is to lay flat on your stomach.

Here’s hoping everything goes well for you.

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You should research Vitamin D - and optimal blood levels.

While I would not use it as a cure - some of the research I have seen with respect to some cancer treatments suggest that higher blood levels in the summer months may correlate to successful cancer treatment.

(E.g, supplementing treatment with the appropriate D3 to get optimal blood levels MAY substantially improve survivability)

Recommended reading for everyone… Go to

Careful though. Vitamin D is fat soluble so ingesting too much is dangerous. If I remember correctly it’s function is similar to a hormones.

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Hope all goes well TT!

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Originally Posted by mommo
Careful though. Vitamin D is fat soluble so ingesting too much is dangerous. If I remember correctly it’s function is similar to a hormones.

Hi mommo, I will continue to take Vitamin D following the completion of the Radiation Therapy.

OK guy’s I have had 17 treatments to date, I have had several bad side effects. When I have a pee it’s like pissing red hot needles. The DOC gave me some pills to help with this problem. The first is Phenazopyride HLC 200mg, I have to take 3 a day, the second was Flomax. These help but does not cure the burning sensation, the DOC tells me that this problem is due to scaring of the bladder.

The second side effect is an constant need to have a crap, but when I try there is nothing there. They gave me a cream that I have to place into my rectum after a bowl movement, It’s called Proctosone, and must be applied three times daily. This problem is also due to burning the wall of the colon.

The third side effect is a great need to constantly fart, that stinks like rotten fish.

The fourth side effect is tiredness, and lack of energy.

I have 20 more treatments to go, I only hope that these side effects have lees impact with more treatments.

Has far as I can tell by talking to other patients These are normal, although some men have no side effects, whilst others have far worse side effects than I do.

Good luck man, really. Hope it all gets better for you soon.

Prostrate Cancer

Well guy’s and girls, I have just completed 37 Radiation treatments for Prostrate cancer. It was not to bad, although there were some side effects. These included pissing hot embers, a little Diarrhea, and some constipation, as well as some gain in weight. I was lucky some of the men who had this problem had it worse than I did.

According to the Oncologist it can take anywhere from six months to a year before the cancer is dead or cured. If any of you guy’s are over 50, go and get the finger test from your doctor, If they catch the cancer in it’s early stages it can be cured.

If you do not have treatment it can spread outside the prostrate and get into the bones and the lymph nodes. There was a chap who had not taken any positive action when prostrate cancer was found, four years earlier, and it had spread from the prostrate to his hip bones. He had some terrible pains in his bones, and his chances of surviving was at best 35% following extreme radiation. All I can say is do not take any chances of curing this cancer by the use of some crap that is peddled on the internet.

I nearly made this mistake, and but the guys on Thunder warned me not to take any of the so called cancer cures that are sold on the net. So now I am telling you guy’s the same. I have seen the results of reactive rather than proactive treatment.

If you have any questions on PC please do not hesitate to ask.



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