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Prostate Cancer, test reminder

Prostate Cancer, test reminder

It is about time for my annual reminder to you guys to consider a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test the next time you have a checkup with your doctor. Though this test has its flaws, it is just now the best basic indicator we have that something may be wrong within this very useful organ.

Men over age 50 should definitely get the test, annually. It’s a blood test, easy and not expensive. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you need to begin PSA testing at an earlier age. Even if you are perfectly healthy prostate-wise, getting a test in your younger years will give you a “marker” to which tests later on in years can be compared.

Prior to your test, you should have no sex, no masturbation, no ejaculation for at least 48 hrs. Johns Hopkins Urology recommends 72 hrs. Prostatic excitation drives up PSA values and can give a false-high read.

In 2008, the number of newly diagnosed cases of prostate cancer in the US is so far, 186,320. Deaths so far this year: 28,660. (National Cancer Institute).

There are a lot of options for treating prostate cancer and the survival rate after treatment is high.

Just a “heads-up,” fellow members. :)



Yes I agree with Avocet.

The Prostate is continually growing. So is very vunerable. It really makes sense to be tested. as a small amount of blood taken now, may save a lot of therapy later.

Or worse

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