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Problems with the urethra, Urorec 8mg; any information about it?

Problems with the urethra, Urorec 8mg; any information about it?

Hi there, let me go straight at it, since February I have a problem to urinate, at first I thought it was an infection but after all the analysis it turned out it wasn’t an infection, nor any problem with the prostate; apparently it is a problem with my urethra, it got tighter for an unknown reason and that’s what gives me difficulties to urinate;

This problem is really annoying and frustrating because I can’t sleep well and I have to go to the bathroom several times per day (even more than 10 times), the flow is low and I can’t urinate a lot each time I go. Well, today I had an appointment with my urologist and he practiced me a cystoscopy, which basically was him and a nurse watching what is going on in my urethra, he confirmed that the problem is the width of my urethra. Actually I thought what he was going to do today was to spread it to come back to normal, given the fact that we already knew that was the problem but I guess there are some formalities to cover before doing that. Finally he told me we are gonna try for 3 months Urorec 8mg, and then if the problem persists we will see what to do. I asked him if this pills are only going to help me handle it better (the urinating thing I mean) or if it is a solution for the real problem (the urethra situation), and he basically changed the subject, or maybe I was so disappointed that I didn’t understand what he wanted to express. What I understood was that it is only to urinate better and that it is not going to affect the urethra.

I’ve been looking for a while today in internet about Urorec, I found out it is an alfa blocker, that doesn’t sound very good to me because it says that it can bring problems with erections (getting and holding them), risk of fainting and damage to the kidneys and liver. It also says the count on sperm can decrease, but it says it is only during the treatment and after that it comes back to the normal amount (it is ok I’m not crazy to have kids). I know that not all the info in the web is true, that’s why I post it here, I hope there is any doctor here or someone that has had the same problem and can help me, if not with the pills info with the urethra situation. People, I really need your help, I don’t know what to do, it is destroying my life, I can’t sleep and I have to change my habits of consumption of water and liquids in general. I know a lot of people have to deal with much bigger problems in their lives, but for me this is really something and it is starting to undermine my confidence and my lifestyle. Please, I really need your help, thanks a lot!

Some other info I consider important:

When I exercise (play football, basketball, swim, etc) I feel it is easier to go to the bathroom, maybe because I transpire almost all the liquids in my body.

At first, in February I had big problems to get and to maintain my erections and I was coming faster; in march I went to visit my girlfriend for 2 weeks and I thought it was going to be difficult to have a normal sexual life, but luckily everything went fine while I was with her, even I hadn’t the same need of waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I still had it but it wasn’t as strong as before. When I came back home, the problems returned, but right now I have better erections, don’t know why the change, maybe because I exercise more. Is it possible that this problem with erections could come as an effect of the urethra problem? Or do you think it is something else?

I have always had the need of going many times to the bathroom, mainly because I’ve always drink a lot of water. I’ve usually waken up at night to go to the bathroom before this problem, but it was something natural, now I even have nightmares (I guess it is a way of my body to tell me I need to evacuate urgently). When I was younger I used to ride bike for 2 hours per day normally; since October 2013 I started to use it again frequently.

The urologist I see is from the hospital, that’s why this treatment is taking so long. Right now I’m willing to go to a private doctor even if I know it could be really expensive, I don’t care if I got in debt all I want is to get back my life. If you have any information of how much can cost the intervention to restore the normal size of the urethra I would be thankful. I live in France but I could go to Spain if it is cheaper there.

If I remember something else I will add it. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask, thanks a lot for the attention and for your help, I really appreciate that Thunders place exists so I can share my situation with you. Also this is my first post, I would have preferred to post it in Spanish, my native language but I don’t know if it is ok to post in Spanish in this Forum (Penis Enlargement Basics), please if you can tell me what to I do to be able to post it in the Spanish part of the page it would be nice. Thanks again and good luck with everything!

Yes, I think that’s the real name, but here in France it is Urorec.

Thanks for the the link, it confirms my thoughts about ejaculation and apparently it is not as harmful as others alfa blockers in regard to the hypotension.

Appreciate your concern pal!

I’ve had the same symptoms, but a different outcome. Frequent urinating, varying amount, burning sensation, even excessive dripping. Had blood work checked twice, cystoscopy, ultrasound after having to drink obnoxious amount of water, pelvic CT scan, flow meter, etc, etc. In the end I was referred to a physiotherapist specialised in the pelvic region. Long story short; overactive, bunched and tight pelvic region due to severe stress. Muscles down there were as tight as a pensioner’s purse.

Manual therapy started simple enough with breathing exercise; lay down on my back, deep breath in, deep breath out. Alternate between mouth/nose for both intake and exhaust. 15 seconds for the full thing. Mainly used to relax and get in a good rhythm. After that I had to start kegels, simple one where you tense for 5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, repeat. Gradually increasing complexity, kegeling outwards, certain holding patterns (Push, neutral, pull, 7 second intervals for instance), being able to manipulate the level of a kegel (So, say, pulling for 30%, then 60% en eventually 100%). Also therapy in how to be aware of the state of your pelvis, abdominal muscles, organs, stool and how it all works together. For instance sitting on an exercise ball, have it push against the pelvic region (The ball essentially causes you to sit wider and thus directly feel what’s going on down there).

You could always give it a go. You could fairly easily check if and how far your urethra can open up. If your body is relaxed and no excessive pressure exist on back, abdominal and pelvic floor the smooth muscle making up your urethra will open up further. The fact you mention erections does correlate with my own experiences. Exhaustion from sport, so a more relaxed body while recuperating, smooth muscle relaxed, no/less issues urinating.

This is actually how I found Thunder’s; needed a picture of the pelvic floor and it linked here.

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