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Problem with One eyed willy

Problem with One eyed willy

Hey,I feel kind of silly asking this,but I was wondering if it’s normal for your boy’s eye to be closed?

Mine is always closed even when erect,I don’t understand why it’s like that.When I force blood to the head it opens up a little but as soon as I release pressure it seals right back up.

Anyway,Just wondering if this is normal for a guy to have an air tight penis?


Welcome to Thunders.

Yes it is normal for the opening to be “closed” unless something is coming out of it ( urine, semen).

By being closed it prevents foreign matter from entering and potentially causing infection.

Welcome to the board, Warren.

Sounds perfectly normal to me. That’s the way mine is.

Thanks for the welcoming!

Glad to hear this is normal.

I thought something was wrong,because every penis I have seen always seems to have a large opening and mine never has.

what is the color inside supposed to be? darker than thehead or same? I guess mine darker points to urethritis..?

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