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Pounding for hours and can't come


Originally Posted by mravg
If you accidentally slammed your head in a car door, Zaneblue would suggest high grade fish oil. :)

Ha, haah loved that mr. But because I am secretly in love with Z, I find myself compelled to take her advice…

Originally Posted by mravg
You need to re-evaluate your drug situation.
-Do you need an antidepressant at all?

I had an appointment yesterday with my doc and he has recommended I switch to Zoloft (last one to try in the SSRT family). If I still have the problem on Zoloft he may try switching me to another ‘family’ of antidepressant.

I’m afraid I still need to be on ad’s after a traumatic split with my ex and a very marginal business / financial situation. I am recieving an enormous amount of help and guidance by friends, family not to mention the wonderful Thunders network.

Originally Posted by mravg
-Is your dose too high?
-Have you tried natural remedies?
-Would wellbutrin or a different drug work better?

One of the things we looked at was dosage. When I swap to Zoloft I will go on full dose for 4 weeks and then see where we are.
I am very keen on looking at natural alternatives (any suggestions?). I must admit I hate taking pharmaceuticals but I have to admit they have helped my state of mind. But I don’t want to be on them for too long.
I asked my doc about Wellbutrin but apparently it is not available in Australia.

Originally Posted by mravg
You are simply suffering from a common and very negative side effect of a drug you are taking. Focus on that, not on finding orgasm enhancers.

Fair comment my friend. I guess I was putting the cart before the horse. I will take your advice on board.


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Cipralex should have the least side effects when it comes to sex.


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