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possible std

possible std

So my girlfriend has HSV (not sure if it’s one or two) I am getting tested tomorrow, and i am pretty sure that I gave it to her because she got tested less than a year ago, and swears she didn’t cheat. her doctor told me that this stuff happens quite often, and it is often not the result of anyone cheating, but that the disease was dormant in one of us. Also I trust her very much so i am pretty certain that it will be myself, the crazy thing is I can only recall having sex with one random girl who i didn’t use a condom on, and before this ever happened my gf said the same exact thing (one guy no condom).

Anyways I was told literally 1/4 people have it but a large percentage of people don’t know they do making it seem more rare. My question is for anyone who has it, how has it changed your sexual experience? For the doctors is it really that prevalent, and how do you advise people to deal with it?

Go for a jog it may help!

mansun, I never met for my comment to luka to be insensitve. Going for a jog is simply what I did when I heard the shocking news yesterday, and so I thought bad things happen ya know, and sometimes you need to get yourself together and exercise is great for that.

It’s alrite though, I understand that in life some people are short, some or tall, some got big dicks, and some small, and some people have a 145 IQ while others have 70, but I really believe that for each bad thing that happens to you it gives you the opportunity to be liberated, and your post just shows that you’re a rude person who feels that it is important to take action into their own hands by putting others in their place, and you obviously have a low level of interpersonal intelligence.

Do you know what it’s like being told at 23 years old that you won’t be able to have sex with anyone again without telling them you have a lifelong std? If you did I think you would be more empathetic. I am not here to get cathartic and cry poor me because this certainly is not the end of the world, but it kind of sucks. If anyone could give me some insight i would greatly appreciate it.


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