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Possible pearly papules

Possible pearly papules


Last week I’ve noticed that I have 2-3 pearly papules ( I guess that’s what they are ) at about 10 mm from my glans. They look really strange, and my girlfriend also noticed them. I have pearly papules around the corona of my glans since long time ago, and got used to them, but these ones appeared since last week. Can they appear suddenly? Why are they growing? And another thing.I’ve got 3-4 skin spots on my shaft and scrotum. What could it be?

PPPs don’t appear or disappear suddenly (I do have them as well). Unfortunately, there’s little I (and I think anyone else here) can say about it from afar. Your best best would be to go see a urologist and ask him if you’re worried.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

I got a little scared. Those 2 papules aren’t situated on the coronial ridge. ( I do have pearly penile papules )
1. I could be infected with HPV
2. I could be infected with GENITAL WARTS
3. I could be infected with molluscum contagiosum.

PPP only appear on the corona of the glans, right ? What I have is 2 cm away from the corona. 2 single spots

It might be worth telling us what routine you are following. as it may be that which is causing the problem

If you can. Photographs always help. as we all have different ways of describing problems. etc.

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