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Please help, scar tissue underside of penisbase

Please help, scar tissue underside of penisbase

Hi, 3 years ago I had injury at the base/underside of penis resulting in scar tissue, no abnormal curvature I had curvature before the injury.

Now my symptoms are.

Often hard flaccid
Penis rapidly shrinks when I pres on the injured area, all the blood from penis drains away, my hearts starts to beat faster, feet’s/hands sweating,

Penis head deflated while erect. It will erect more when I’m holding it with 2 fingers while masturbation and placing my thumb over the dorsal vein
Often weaker erection/can’t hold it without direct stimulation.

Enlarged veins

Penis skin problems.

Pelvic pain/discomfort. (Like if the CS blocking the blood flow due to the scar tissue and everything is flowing to the pelvic muscles resulting in tense pelvic affecting the nerves/blood vessels)

The main problem is the head of my penis don’t erect.

I have been to urologist, I had MRI done of my penis/pelvic/back

I have another appointment in February 2012 for the results. Currently I’m stressing and need some opinion/advice

I have tried to show the injured area on a picture. I’m not sure if it’s in the CS directly or somewhere on the tunica or CC.

How can I be treated with the blood flowing problem? I heard that there is some Verapamil which break down the scar tissue, will it treat the blood flow?

This problem is ruining my life very bad

Any opinions? Thanks

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What you need to do is relax at least until you get your test results.

No one here is going to be able to out-guess an MRI, or interpret the pics without seeing them.

What you can do is call your doctor’s office after the holidays and tell him that February is a long time to wait and could he share the test results with you before that?



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