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About two weeks ago I got a pimple just below the head of my dick, on the foreskin.

I Popped it, then a few days later popped it again,

Also there is a tiny red spot on the head of my penis,

It looks like it might be either a little scab from something poking into it, or like a tiny mole.

Does anyone know if these may be symptoms of any STD’s?

Or if it is just normal?

Starting Stats: (Aug.3/07) // Flaccid: 4.5" / NBPEL: 7" (From Top) 7.5" (From Side) | Loosing 0.5" From Curve In Unit. / EG: 4.5"

Goal: // Flaccid: 5.5" / NBPEL: 8" (From Top) / EG: 5.5"-6" / Work out my curve. (Gain 0.5" from working out curve)

A picture would be helpful.

These sound like symptoms of warts to me. A picture would help us figure it out though

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