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Pimple On the Top/Midshaft Area (detailed)

Pimple On the Top/Midshaft Area (detailed)

About 3 weeks ago I noticed on the top of my shaft a small little bump, that didn’t go away. So after about a week I left it alone and hoped it would dissapear. Well it didn’t, so then I decided to try and pop it. After a few times nothing. Then a few days later out of nowhere I popped it and it was like a regular pimple, puss and blood (not trying to ruin anyones appetite). And then a day later I popped it again and the rest of the fluid came out.

Now 4-5 days after this its still there, small, but hasn’t dissapeared yet. I’ve been putting spot remover acne cream on it. Still, nothing.

What do you guys think?

I trust you know this isn’t an ingrown? They have the same description.

I’m no doctor, but it sounds like the bump is “molluscum contagiosum”.

I had it once. When you pop them, make sure to do it in the shower. I popped one on my stomach and it spread.

Here are some pics(GRAPHIC):…&infopageId=216

I also have a small bump, like a zit, on the side of my shaft. I first noticed it 13 years ago. I used to pop it about once every 2 weeks, but for the last 6 years I only pop it when I’m bored. It’s really small and chicks never notice so I just don’t care.

Here’s a picture guys, I’m trying to head head from a girl but I don’t want her to see this!


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I’ve had what looks like very similar spots come and go on my cock over the years. They sometimes last a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Most recently I’ve had one near the base of my shaft that’s been around for about a week.

The one thing I know is that if your girl notices she won’t care! I used to submit nude pics to sites like and something you learn quickly is that everyone’s bodies are different. People have like veiny dicks, others have spots on them.

So long as you’re confident it’s not an infection (ie doesn’t itch, no redness etc) I’m sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.

It does just look like a pimple, if you only have one its nothing to worry about, if you get two, then its probably Molluscum contagiosum or some sort of wart, although not genital warts from what i know about warts.

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