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Phallic Proprioception for better EQ

Phallic Proprioception for better EQ

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Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body.

The proprioceptive sense is believed to be composed of information from sensory neurons located in the inner ear (motion and orientation) and in the stretch receptors located in the muscles and the joint-supporting ligaments (stance). There are specific nerve receptors for this form of perception termed “proprioreceptors,” just as there are specific receptors for pressure, light, temperature, sound, and other sensory experiences.

It is highly tied to the ability to function. A person can’t walk without the awareness of his/her legs.

When we are completely flaccid, it would seem there is little sense or awareness that the penis is actually there when compared to an arm, because of this there is little control of it.

To prove this do a small experiment. When you’re completely flaccid, undress yourself and stand stationary in position with your eyes closed. Are you aware your penis is there? Most will find that it’s difficult. Now, with your eyes still closed, move your arm, open and close your fingers. Your mind is aware of it’s occupying space. Now, without images of sexy women or whatever else that turns you on, tell it to become erect. For me it doesn’t work. I can kegel to try and give awareness.

I figure that by gaining proprioceptive abilities of the penis in it’s flaccid state, a person could potentially control it with just telling it to do something. Kind of like how you can get your arm and fingers to move without having to think of politics.

What do you think? I’d really be interested in input on this, particularly on ways to improve it.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Yep, sounds logical.

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I beg to differ with Wikipedia re: inner ear apparatus as proprioception. The inner ear system is a balance function that is independent of proprioception, though there is central integration between the two systems.

Regarding proprioception. The nerve fibers that conduct the position sense information from joints, tendons and ligaments to the brain are very large fibers (myelinated A delta fibers). There are no such large nerve fibers of this character that travel to the thalamus (in the brain, where position sense is processed) in the dorsal columns of the spinal cord. The innervation of the penis (in the most simple sense) is preliminarily from the autonomic nervous system (to the penis) and skin receptors (from the penis). From a anatomic and physiologic sense, the penis is not hard wired for knowing where your penis is at any moment.

There are times when I think of politics that my arms and fingers are moving so much I don’t know where they are.


Thanks for the reply.

I find when I’m erect my penis is aware of where my penis is, that is to say, I can close my eyes and sense it occupying 3d space, but if I understand what you’re saying, that should not be possible. Does it seem likely that it’s more my skin receptors are “feeling” the air or that the expansion is causing my penis to feel itself.

My penis not knowing where my penis is at any moment would explain why I’ve caught it sleeping around so much lately.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

You are correct, when you are erect enough to distend skin and activate sensory receptors you will be aware that it is turgid. I believe when you know “where it is” it is the result of past experience, i.e., you know how your penis positions itself when erect, so this is how your brain knows its location and position. At full erection, I go to an 11:00 position, so my brain tells me that it is there.

A good penis is kinda hard to find when its comforted in a warm space.


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