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Peyronie's disease and swollen urethra caused by overdoing PE!!!!


Are there any good commercial heat wraps? Also is it possible that as I pumped the penis tissue open which tightens up the urethra (to fill the vacuum), could I then have inflated my penis tissue past the tipping point, so that I actually started pumping the urethra lining open( stretching the urethra). Because when I urinate its not weak like a stricture its the opposite, I urinate violently like a fire hose .

I just picked up a moist / dry heat pad from Wal-mart for $20. That was the cheapest of several models.

Somebody else mentioned getting a heat lamp - something I have zero experience with.

Thanks Dickdiggity, could you link an image there are no walmart’s where I live they probably sell them at cvs right?

Also would a water pump be bad for super low level pumping because I imagine like when you’re in a pool for a long time you’re fingers start shriveling up? And would anyone know of pumps that have something so you’re balls aren’t sucked up into them? That happens quite often, I imagine that some super low delicate pumping would help bring blood into the corpus spongiosum which feels like it is being strangled by my urethra which with the help of two urologists has been further stretched from the initial point of injury because of two painfully unnecessary cycostipy’s.

Reynolds! I have Peyronie’s too, although I’m hoping to start doing light jelqing to help mine (note: that might be a terrible idea). Here’s what you need to do man. First, start checking out the Peyronie’s Disease forums. Second, fly to see a top notch PD doctor, regular urologists aren’t usually very informed about it. Third, according to the recommendation of just about everybody at said forums, you need to get on Trental (Pentoxifylline). This may help to prevent your plaque from getting worse. It’s hard to get a prescription for it from a lot of uros, which is why it helps to go to someone who really specializes in this. Before I got my prescription I got it mailed to me from This site is expensive, and it takes about 2 weeks to arrive, but I never had any significant problems with it (well, once they shorted me a box actually), and it could tide you over until you see somebody. Pentox is actually a very cheap drug w/ a prescription (even without insurance, I’ve heard), so the cost of a plane ticket will quickly justify a prescription for Pentox.

Oh man, that’s really rough Reynolds; I feel for you. I hope you can get it cleared up soon. Heat and massaging should certainly help.

Reynolds, I hope you keep posting and let us know of your progress.

Hey I have the same thing exept it’s not peyronies I think I have a calcification in my urethra. Thinning of the penis a corpus spongiosum that’s being crushed by my expanded, thick hard urethra. Good luck mate.


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