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Peyronies and PE

Peyronies and PE

Being the committed newbie that I am on this site, I wanted to ask the members a few questions about Peyronies and PE before I really go for this.
I have searched for this subject on the site, but no luck. So I will ask and hope the members are able to help me save time and avoid any trouble by answering some questions.

About 14 years ago I had an injury to my penis that left me with a slight to moderate curve. Before the injury I measured about almost 8” in length. Since the injury I have lost about an inch in length. The erections have never been as firm as they were prior to the injury. In the past when I have dabbled in PE it has at times seemed to make my penis healthier.. But having the ADD tendencies I have, I never really focused long enough to find out if that was really the case. Part of it was my reluctance to re-injure myself.

Here are my questions: Is there anything that I should avoid in the realm of PE exercises, etc. That would make the curve or the Peyronies worse? Conversely, is there anything that would actually help straighten or help resolve the curve/Peyronies? Is stretching good for this/bad for this condition? Is jelqing good/bad for this (I have read that jelqing might be something to avoid or be careful of, but it was a long time ago I read it and have not seen anything since)?

More than anything I would like to get back AT LEAST the inch I lost from my injury. But since I am starting off in a slightly injured state from my past, what information can you all give me about Peyronies and PE. It seems to me it could be a very healthy way to get back my old penis (or close to it) by stretching out the scar tissue that has formed. But, the last thing I want to do is re-injure myself. How careful do I need to be?

Any advice or info would so greatly appreciated.

This is also something I’ve been trying to research on.I’m in a similar sort of position as yourself having a build up of plaque in the shaft of my penis below the glans. From what I’ve read upto now I believe that using a pump or stretcher is believed to help with peyronies, although have’nt tried either method as of yet.

Peyronie’ disease is not yet completely understood. To sum up what I’ve read on the subject, I think gentle stretching is the best option. The means you stretch the penis by is not important, your hands, an extender, whatever, just don’t apply abrupt force.

I think girth exercises are way more at risk of creating other plaques. Jelqing is ok if done with low force, just slightly more than masturbating. Pumping is ok also if not done at high pressures. I would avoid clamping.

Thanks for that advice, marinera. I ended up with peryronies, 2 plaque build ups, last year after dry humping while wearing jeans with a sex partner that turned me on tremendously.

Now, I’m crawling back to PE after years of not being able to stick with a routine. I feel a renewed interest in improving things. I’ve already noticed that one of the “hour glassing” areas on my cock has gone back to normal, mostly, now that 8 months has passed. I’ve pumped just a few times. I’m supposing that hard night time erections have helped a little, along with some very rare base squeezes. I still have some length that was lost as well as girth below the glans, and girth of the glans.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I have some hourglassing too and doing PE is the best you can do to improove. BUT ONLY WHEN there is no underlying health issue where you body has problems healing injurys. Pumping clamping helped me. Jelqs low errection % not so good.

Im also adding anti infllamamtorys to my dick by dmso wrap with a sleeve over it.

The most important with peyronies is to get fresh blood into the dick . Its just one of the worst parts to have an injury cause nutrients dont reach it like a part in your belly.. So the body encapsules it in such a plague of scars.
With consistency one can get better.

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