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Permanently inflamed foreskin/glans


Sorry about the late response, once again.

Well, I’ve mostly been in “trying to live with it” mode for a while, so no dramatic change here. (There’s one thing that’s at least a little interesting, more on that below.) Since it’s quite a while since my last post here, I’ll just go through what’s been happening since:

-The new round of Canesten didn’t do anything (surprise).

-I booked an appointment outside the public system. More expensive, but worth a try. She thought she saw some “irritation”, but couldn’t reach any more clear of a diagnosis than “unspecified balanitis”. She didn’t think it looked like some permanent damage from using steroids etc. Despite my concerns about it, she wanted me to try another steroid cream (but only for 4 days), and had some more steps for me to follow, like reducing washing with soap to at most every other day, dry very well after showering and before putting any cream on it, (she even wanted me to use a hairdryer, but in my experience it didn’t really dry the skin any faster or better than just letting it air dry for a little while) and also recommended two different creams that I could try after the short steroid treatment. None of this had any effect, although I didn’t give it a lot of time. (Not all of this was new to me anyway.)

-I booked another appointment with the same doctor to report back after a few weeks, and also had a biopsy in mind. Not so much because I thought that it would actually lead to much, more of a mental thing of having tried “everything”. When the treatment had had no effect, she wanted to send me to a clinic that specializes in std’s and such. Not because she thought I had one, but because looking at genital skin is basically what they do. It’s also in within the public system, so it would be cheap. (Actually, to this day I haven’t payed anything for that consultation. It’s either completely free or they forgot to send me the bill.) I had come there mentally prepared to do a biopsy, and I felt a little annoyed to pay all that money just to have her send me somewhere else. So we ended up doing one, despite the fact that I felt she was mildly leaning towards letting those other people look at it first. As I was laying there waiting for her and a nurse to cut a little piece of my dick out, I wondered if I was taking things a little too far (what with the chances of a noticable scar and such). The procedure was mildy unpleasant for a few seconds, and the scar is now more or less unnoticable. She would send the results to the other clinic and book me an appointment.

-The biopsy showed nothing wrong, but there were signs of some “thickening of the skin”, which I found weird because it’s the exact opposite of what I’ve always thought it looked like. I didn’t really push the doctors on what it could mean, but it didn’t seem like it was an interesting find to them.

-The visit to the std clinic was sort of interesting. She was very open and talkative, but didn’t think there was anything wrong when inspecting it. When I pointed to the sudden increase in visible little veins and so on, she said that sort of thing happens and pointed to how her hands were more veiny now than when she was younger. (In my case it all happened a little too suddenly to just be about “growing older” I think. I’m 33, btw) She saw no reason to start any sort of treatment. She commented that my glans looked sort of dry and that I should cut back on the soap. She was right about this, as I had actually noticed it myself, following a little period where I had upped the use of soap again (sometimes twice a day). Another one of my little experiments, I guess. I toned it down and the slightly wrinkly, dry look was gone in days. (According to her the best way to wash your penis is to just use luke warm water.)

In a sense she basically confirmed a hunch I mentioned in an earlier post, where I said that sort of feels like nothing is actually “wrong” (anymore). Something happened to my dick that left it looking different, but there’s nothing to “heal”. Some dicks look like this. Mine didn’t use to, but it does now. That’s how it seems a lot of the time, and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve basically been (or at least trying to be) in “acceptance mode”. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people would think I have been going a little overboard with the obsessing over this thing, but hey it’s not “any ol’ bodypart” we’re talking about here, and I can’t help but compare to what it used to look like, not what might be some natural variance out there.

There’s a couple problems with this theory, though. The first is that the two other doctors didn’t think it was “nothing”. (The last doctor actually knew them both and thought they were really good doctors.) They all probably saw different “versions” of it, over such a long time it’s hard to remember the exact condition for each visit, since it changes constantly anyway. I’m pretty sure the redness wasn’t that strong in the last three consultations.

The other problem is the flare ups I’ve been referring to earlier. These can be very sporadic, but still seem too be pretty obviously in conflict with the “nothing is wrong” theory. My description of it left both of the two last doctors scratching their heads, and they needed to see it for themselves, or at least a pictures of it. When I told the last doctor that they tend to happen if I get a little sloppier with the hygiene for a day or two, she couldn’t see why that sort of minor thing should provoke anything. I got her card and was welcome to come back, so I’ve actually been toying with the idea of intentionally provoking a flare up, and get an appointment quickly to show her. I haven’t done it so far, though. The flare ups always feel like a setback, and now I haven’t had them in quite a while. I still think about it, though.

The one at least slightly uplifting thing I’ve been experimenting with lately, is keeping the foreskin retracted for longer periods of time when I have the chance, i.e. lounging at home. It’s not the first time I’ve tried or thought about this, but after seeing a couple of other people online with similar (or worse) problems recommending it, I decided to give it a more serious try. The only method I’ve found of doing this without actually using a hand all the time is to have the waistband of sweatpants or boxers hold it back. (Sometimes living alone has its advantages :p ). I been doing things like watching entire movies like this, and it does indeed seem to have an effect, although it’s pretty inconsistent, and I don’t feel like I’ve stumbled unto a “fix” just yet. But, the redness seems to be toned down more often. So far it seems to have a soothing effect rather than actually “fixing” something on a deeper level. It’s more about how likely the redness is to be “lighter”, or basically gone entirely (sometimes to the extent that it almost looks too pale). That light and non-red state is pretty nice to see. I won’t say it’s very first time it’s been like that since this all started, but it does seem to happen more, the more I do this thing. It makes me wonder if I can make some subsantial progress if I do it for longer and more consistently over a period of weeks. I noticed that it can give the glans etc a rougher, drier (obviously) feel, sometimes with a drop in sensitivity, but so far this seems temporary.

Sorry about the long read, I’m using this thread a bit like a journal, I guess.

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Hi all -

I had this problem a few years ago from jacking off with a silicone based lubricant that irritated the skin right under my glans. I saw the dermatologist and she put me on hydrocortisone which only made it worse and thinned it a bit. I was dismayed as I didn’t even use it that long. We went to protopic which kind of helped but it kind of bleached my skin! It took away the circumcision line on half of my dick!! It also made it more sensitive to heat, which was bad for sex since it made me cum sooner. Anyway, we switched to very mild A&D ointment (for babies) which kind of helped. I then went to regular Vaseline. In the end I just patted it dry after showering and it went away for a few years.

Now I’m back into PE and it’s come back. For the first couple months I did PE it was totally fine. In fact I thought it was improving my skin texture. Then I had a nerve injury and had to take a couple months off for it to heal. Thank goodness it did. While it was healing I started taking Curcumin to help the nerve growth factor. Apparently it can cause rashes in some people, but I was on a low dose. Anyway, I quit taking it when I resumed PE and the balanitis came back. It’s been a few weeks that I’m off it and the skin irritation is still present. I have an appt in two days to see the dermatologist again. I don’t know what she is going to do though. I’ve tried Vaseline, a&D, various emollients, cocoa butter, etc. I will absolutely not put any steroids on it under any circumstances. It’s already such sensitive skin. I may try the Protopic again but in the reduced strength. I’ve seen people talk about Coconut Oil as being good. I was taking Collagen orally from Costco which I thought was helping my skin’s texture but now it isn’t really doing anything. I want to start PE again but I’ve decided to give it a rest until this irritation subsides. Any thoughts?

I already made a post about my situation.It’s late and I need sleep.

Look up reiter’s syndrome.

Definitely not Reiter’s.

I went to the Dermatologist and then to a STD clinic to rule that out. By chance the MD that I saw at the STD clinic was also a Dermatologist!! My first Derm gave me a script for Elidel - I told her I didn’t want to use any steroids on the penis like we had previously tried as I felt like it thinned the skin a bit and didn’t want that to happen ever again. I had used a cousin to Elidel before for this, Protopic. So before I filled my script for the Elidel I went to the STD clinic. I asked the Derm there if it was a Balanitis, she said no, and to use the Elidel. So within just a few applications it is almost 100% gone!! Amazing!! She said to keep using it for a week after it clears up and then discontinue. I just wanted to give my experience to the forum if anyone is suffering from this.. It may be a type of dermatitis or immune overreaction which the Elidel knocks down very quickly.

Ok, first of all, if you get eczema on your ear, you don’t chop your ear off.

In my experience, when my glans or foreskin gets overly dry, that’s the problem or start of the problem. I went to Burning Man and the dry alkaline soil that is all over and inside of everything caused me some dryness,, redness, flakiness for the first two days. My solution there was to rinse all the dirt and dust off/out and put a thin layer of coconut oil on the glans and pull the foreskin completely over. After sex, thorough cleaning and oil. No problems. I do not know if it’s the same things, but sounds similar.

In addition, the problem with steroids is that they are meant to suppress your immune system if your immune system is being hyperactive. However, if you have a fungal problem or a yeast problem, A) that can go undiagnosed because B) not many people are sensitive to common fungi but C) when we are sensitive to otherwise common fungi, it makes our bodies have inflammation reactions. I have just this thing between my toes often enough. How to treat?

Epsom salt baths as often as possible with the skin thoroughly exposed to the water. Read the instructions for proper mix!
Use a simple soap like Dr. Bronners almond or citrus and rinse thoroughly and yes, dry thoroughly
In your case I would use the coconut oil, too, but only if it feels ok. Other oils aren’t the same. Some might be better, but I would not know what to recommend. What you want is a medium chain fat that doesn’t evaporate or get absorbed quickly. Room temp solids that melt quickly are typically this kind of thing and coconut oil is easy to find.
You might also use a simple vitamin E oil. Trader Joes sells a soybean oil based vitamin E oil that does wonders for dry skin. I have several spots on my body that get real dry. Also, vitamin e oil on the glans is supposed to increase sensitivity? Side effect. Whatever.

I would go back and ask my doctor to test for fungus, molds, yeast, and bacteria, and see if there anything that has any record of human sensitivity, and then treat accordingly. It might mean taking a skin sample, which would hurt, but well…

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPEL: 8", EG: 6.5" (head) and 5 (shaft), Nutts 1.5”

Also, the thing about retracting the foreskin and it gets better: to me this suggests and irritant that is knocked back by exposure to air or light. Fungi. Yeasts. It might not even be a high amount of either, but you may just be unusually sensitive to it.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPEL: 8", EG: 6.5" (head) and 5 (shaft), Nutts 1.5”

So I figured out that for me I had a contact dermatitis from using a couple oils for wet jelqing. They were Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Cocoa Butter, and I mixed it with Palmer’s Cocoa butter oil. Both had very strong fragrances. Something in them didn’t go well with the sensitive skin just below the corona. Had to take time off, saw the dermatologist, fixed it with Elidel (non-steroid). Now I am back jelqing with an unscented massage oil that is just great! BIOTONE Revitalizing Massage Oil, I got it on Amazon. No irritation or problems so far, thank goodness.

For manual stretches I was using a little scented baby powder with talc, which I didn’t know was bad for you inhaled. I switched from that to just plain old corn starch that you use for cooking. No problems with that either.


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