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Permanent hair removal in the genital region?

Permanent hair removal in the genital region?

Hello all,

For a while I have been wanting to have the hair on my shaft and scrotum permanently removed. Shaving is a hassle and I always get ingrown hairs/razor bumps/irritated skin. I know very little of hair removal techniques, especially on what could be used successfully on the genital region. Are there any members here that have undergone permanent hair removal for the genitals? I would appreciate any suggestions/advice.

Edit: I should note that plucking seems to have bad results, as my hairs don’t like to regrow normally and seem to tuck under the skin. And yes, I’m using the search function!

Doing a little more reading. I am a Type IV on the Fitzpatrick scale (light tan).

If shaving is a problem, close trimming may be an acceptable alternative. It’s not permanent, but it does get around the problem of ingrown hairs/razor bumps.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Edit- misread the post.

I started a thread in another forum asking if anyone had ever gotten a manzilian (ass, crack and sack wax). Didn’t get a great response.

Regardless, I know waxing is not permanent. Not sure if laser hair removal is safe on a man’s genitals and even if it were, not sure if you could find a place that would do it.

Let us know if you do.

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