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Permanent damage from masturbation?

Permanent damage from masturbation?

I have some questions

1-can you permanently damage your penis girth or length from using a tight grip and masturbation?
I watch porn and masterbate up 3 times in 2 hours sometimes and ifeel my EQ is down and my girth isnt where it used to be

2-I have a vein on the right side of my penis that kind of bunches up flaccid is that normal?

3-when measuring NBP I use a cloth tape and lay on the penis from the base to the tip and was wondering should it be lying on the penis or should I hold the tape stretched out over the length of the NBP?

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1. No. Not unless you are doing something very extreme. If you have ejaculated a couple of times it’s quite normal for your EQ to be down a little, and thus your girth may be down too. Stop masturbating for a few days.

2. Yes. Normal.

3. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it the same every time. The only purpose of measuring is to see if you have grown, so as long as your method is consistent it’s fine. Measuring NBP is less consistent than measuring BP, so it’s only a ‘for interest’ measurement, which means you can do it however you like.

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