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performa condoms

performa condoms

Hey Guys,

has anyone here tried Durex Performa condoms? aparently they have the same stuff in them as you put on your babies teeth when they are breakin through.

Has anyone tried that on their penis? just rub it on…I guess you get a numb feeling?


Yeah, i have tried those condoms and they work real good. I went from a 15 minute man to a almost 2 hours. One thing you might want to remember is to let it dry on your penis or if you get any on your hands before inserting it in her vagina, because if she get numb you’ll be there all week try to get her to cum. Oh yeah, that also goes for her mouth to, you don’t want her saying your name with a limp lip.

My 9 inches are coming!!

that was funny man!

ok thanks! I´ll buy some and try them out once I join her again…I´m away from her for 2 months due to work crap



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