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People who can achieve male multiple orgasms


People who can achieve male multiple orgasms

I am curious because I have been trying to learn the techniques for quite some time now. There are many different books out there. One is “how to make love all night and drive women wild” which revolves purely on the pc clench to hold back ejaculation. I also have looked into mantak chia’s “multi-orgasmic man” which tries to teach people to circulate energy back up into your body during orgasm.

My problem with multi-orgasmic man is that there doesn’t seem to be enough information for me. When I read his process it sounds like this.

Masturbate slowly while doing the deep belly breathing to try and help circle your energy.
Remain relaxed as your pleasure builds up and up.
As you get close to orgasm you stop and then try to bring energy up the spine.

Rinse and repeat. I don’t entirely understand it because if I’m always stopping then there really is no actual “orgasm” which I am not sure if that’s what he meant to happen or not.

Is it more like your supposed to trigger your orgasm/ ponr and then clench tightly while pulling energy up? Because when I read it from his book it doesn’t sound like you ever clench your pc muscle and just solely pull the energy up without ever achieving the actual orgasm (with the contractions).

So I was curious to hear from people who have actually done multiple orgasms and if they have used any of the books/ different methods out there. Or if you have any particular insight on exactly what to do.

I am just trying to figure out how I can still enjoy the “real orgasm” with contractions, while not ejaculating so I can repeat the process as much as I want until my girl is satisfied.

Sounds like you are confusing techniques to last longer with actual multi-orgasmic capability. Engaging your PC muscles is what works best for me but you also have to engage them a certain way, can’t really explain it since it’s just completely natural to me now since I’ve been reading about this stuff/able to do it since I was 16 I don’t really have to think about it anymore. I’ve never heard of pulling energy + spine stuff, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t help Also I find intensity of orgasm to be commensurate with the amount of prolactin released so you can try to damper the intensity your orgasms a bit so that your lack of ability is less likely to be overpowered by a huge rush of limp dick inducing hormones. Once you get the technique down you can probably just bust away, but being a master of lasting forever and multi-orgasms I would say that I feel there is always a chance that you can still go soft after cumming if you loose focus or just bad luck, so often I rely on staying hard after cumming as a backup plan, though some girls get self conscious (or sore) if you don’t cum for hours.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that when I do this correctly I orgasm but don’t ejaculate, and that the orgasm is less intense. I taught a past FB how to squirt and then ironically, when she complained about making a mess everywhere all the time, I taught her how to hold it back, apparently it’s the same for women and men, she also noted the reduced orgasm intensity.

Originally Posted by trackdude
I taught a past FB how to squirt and then ironically, when she complained about making a mess everywhere all the time, I taught her how to hold it back, apparently it’s the same for women and men, she also noted the reduced orgasm intensity.

My wife squirts plenty, so we got these 18” square waterproof fleece baby changing pads at Target and keep them near the bed.

I used to focus very much on multiple Os for me. It’s basically about getting as close to a real release without going past the PONR. To avoid her losing the mood, I would just hold my pelvis still while continuing to tickle her clit and labia. In my case I’m quite sure these were indeed orgasms, because there was so much ejaculate that it completely re-vamped the session each time for my wife. She just loves the slick feeling. Without that she’d never be able to go the hour it took for her to climax maybe 5 times.

Since I restored my forsekin I don’t worry so much about multiples because the whole ride is so exquisite I really have no urgency to experiene orgasm. Turns out my wife has an appetite for 2 to 3 orgasms in 15-20 minutes and was politely humoring me for the 2nd half of the hour. That is, I had gotten so proficient at forestalling the big finish that it would sometimes take way too long to come once we were ready to be done. She would also be unavailable for intercourse for several days afterward due to soreness, whereas now that I have slinky foreskin we can make love for 20 minutes every day and she’s fine with it.

I was also curious about where along the pc muscle you clench to achieve the multiple orgasm. Some people make it sound like you clench it way back near your anus, “bc” muscle. Others say it should be right behind your testicles “pc”.

Also, when you clench is it like a full on hard as possible or is it more of a medium strength but holdable for 15+ seconds. I usually try to clench as hard as I can but find that my duration is kind of low and as I release the contractions are still going.

I am trying to learn it laying down, which may also be a problem. I did it once with a girl as I was ontop on my knees, but when I am solo and try it laying down I don’t seem to have the same strength pc wise.

Just wondering if anyone has any extra advice for me or can enlighten on my questions.

I would like to hear how you guys can do this, every time I try for multiples I can’t get it to work?

I haven’t had a “multiple” yet, but last night I managed to achieve a single dry orgasm. I pleasured myself as normal. I was sitting up because for some reason when I try this laying down my pc muscle doesn’t seem to squeeze hard enough to stop it.

Then I went a bit past my ponr but before the actual contractions started. I squeezed my whole pc muscle, basically from behind my balls to my anus and also kind of tensed my hands. I felt a few contractions and my tip was feeling as if it was “wet” from ejaculation but it was dry. I then went a bit soft but still hard.

Later I went to check if it was a retrogade(spelling?) ejaculation. But there was nothing cloudy in my piss so I guess it worked.

Now if I need to try and make my pc muscle strong enough to do clench enough and be able to do it while laying down.

I’m always reading the threads about more sperm/ejaculation to help get a better understanding of the bio-chemical element of it. From what I’m learning, the testis and other organs involved are mostly wired for a certain level of activity. That said, I’m thinking that the development of the BC/PC muscles can help. But something I’m starting to theorize right now, is if taking prostate health supplements might yield some better results. I’m about to take the dive and try it out. I’m only 32 and not really that far along in the prostate aging thing. But, I’m wondering if there is some kind of link.


You said you went a bit soft but still hard? Doe’s this mean you could continue having sex (if you were having sex and not masturbating)? Or was it too soft for that? Could you have another orgasm right after? How long after do you think?

I was still hard enough for sex.. Just not completely full on erect. My pleasure had died down to maybe a 5-6ish? So it would have taken me a while to re-build up my pleasure. But I decided to just let it die down on it’s own and go to bed. I most likely could have had another within maybe 5-15 mins if I had tried.

I tried again after and ended up missing the timing. I think the timing is the most important part of achieving dry orgasms. For practicing you should try sitting up I think. Cause I think laying down somehow weakens your pc muscle’s clench. Atleast for me I notice that I can’t easily get it clamped enough laying down. I usually have a dribble come out.

I am also working on slowly getting rid of any extra tension similar to “the big draw”. Where you clench your feet, hands, whatever else to help take the extra power from your orgasm.

So my main advice is to work on it while sitting up, stroke a bit after your ponr (special feeling but before the contractions). My guess is the closer you clench right before the actual contractions the more intense/ actual orgasm like it’ll feel.

For me I only experienced like 2 contractions and a mostly “pleasure feeling” on the tip. But I probably clenched too early. I only stopped for maybe 10 seconds or under throughout the total experience. I held the clench for maybe 2-3 seconds after the contractions stopped to make sure more didn’t come out.

Right after I had finished I could have quite easily started vigorously without worrying of cuming again. Though if you held the contraction for less time near the end, you could probably get orgasm after orgasm as long as you can keep clenching at the right time.

I have been having some trouble gaining back what I already had with my dry orgasm. I am trying to read stuff like multi-orgasmic man from mantak chia. But they don’t have the same meaning for “orgasm”. Basically his orgasm is the heightened arousal and energetic feelings (thus no contractions or actual “orgasm”). Their point is you keep going close to your ponr but absolutely never go over. I don’t call that an orgasm, so I will still work on pc clenches.

I guess I just need to keep clenching to make a consistent full hard contraction that can last up to 15-20 seconds. By then that should be enough to get it every time.

I read somewhere that if you don’t touch your penis at all during ejaculation, you can easily get back into it and carry on.

Doesn’t seem realistic. Because I can stop touching right after the “orgasmic sensation” but I’ll still ejaculate and go soft.

Originally Posted by noob99

Doesn’t seem realistic. Because I can stop touching right after the “orgasmic sensation” but I’ll still ejaculate and go soft.

I meant while you actually ejaculate don’t touch the penis, and then it will be much easier to stay hard and carry on than if you did touch it.

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