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Penile Psoriasis

Penile Psoriasis

I have had this reoccurring skin condition on my head and shaft to the circumcision scar that has troubled me. It only shows up in the fall and goes away in the spring every year on the dot. It started about 3 years ago. I went in and I have been checked for every STD possible and came out clean and that was less than a year ago. The only thing that doctors have said is that is could be cirrhosis of the skin, but they always sound unsure and never say exactly what it is or what to do. The just say put cortisone on it. That helps but what will make it go away? When the symptoms occur it makes it very hard to PE. If anyone has any answers or experience with this please please give any advise you may have. Thank you!

Hey Bruno.
Sorry to hear about your disease, man. :(

What I could find about was that this is a chronic (which means it lasts for a long period of time or a lifetime), benign (which means it can’t cause you any great harm or any harm at all) genetic disease that causes inflammation of the skin.

Everywhere I looked I couldn’t find anything related to the cure, it seems the doctors haven’t found anything yet. :/
What I could find and this may be helpful (I really don’t know) is that if you take sun regularly and keep your skin well hydrated it MAY not appear or appear in a very light way.

I don’t know anything about dick tanning, so, don’t blame me for anything you do. :P

Eitherwise you shouldn’t be ‘worried’ about… it causes you no harm, so, you and your dick are still healthy and that’s the most important thing. :)

Take the time to floss and rest from PE schedule. ;)

I’m going to change the title of your thread, so people don’t think your dick has a drinking problem. :)

Horny Bastard

Hey Bruno!

I have the same problem. Actually when I have psoriasis my head feels numb and it’s doesn’t feel so much when I fuck. I feel weaker somehow. As you I thought I had STD , herpes or whatever but I found out by myself that I probably have psoriasis.

You can treat it (I’m doing it right now) with cortisone steroid (2) , I use Elocon for 2 w and after that you should be fine. As other ppl has said it’s a permanent ‘disease’ but you can avoid the symptoms by treating yourself everything they appears.


The answer to why it comes and goes is sunlight. No sun in the winter and sun the spring and summer. Even if you don’t get sunlight directly to the area your whole body will benefit from the vitamin sunlight provides your body (vitamin D). Possibly the sunlight may even filter through your clothes.

The problem is with the circumcision scar I expect. This is called the Koebner effect (google it). Any trauma, old or new can trigger Psoriasis (Ps).

Cortisone application can be risky - especially if it’s long term and especially on your penis.

PE is very tricky, I know. I don’t have exactly your problem with an old scar but any trauma to my penis triggers Ps and it can be weeks before I can do more PE. This breaks the routine and is very frustrating.

I use an ADS at the moment. I have been using it for about four months and have had some small gains - under half an inch - but no bad trauma. You might try that.

If it’s a real problem for you I would honestly suggest that you have acupuncture. I have had Ps since I was 13 or 14 (40 now) and acupuncture is the only thing that has ever cleared it up for any length of time and also has no side affect like most of the prescribed stuff.


Old thread but I’ll chime in anyways.

In the winter, especially if I’m doing PE, I do get pretty bad ‘psoriases’ on my glans and for the stretch of shaft that leads up to the circ scar. I’ve always simply bristle brushed as much dead skin off as possible before my shower, washed that portion of the penis without soap to avoid irritation, and applied either lotion or vitamin E to the shaft before going to bed. It’s not perfect but I’d say it dealt with about 80% of the problem.

Talk about ‘heartbreak’… .

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I have some scars on my penis as well, it’s on the top of the penis and sometimes it hurts really bad, I think it’s because I jerk off, because if I only have sex, and especially if the girl is very wet or we use lube my penis gets better after a few weeks or so. It especially hurt when I pull my foreskin back (and it doesn’t help that my foreskin is pretty tight even though I had surgery when I was a kid). I am not circumcised btw.

And it could not possibly be an STD because I’ve had this before I had sex the first time. Dunno what I should do, I probably should see a doctor but I’d rather not :S

Anything without a prescription I could get at the pharmacy?

This is really troubling me because I can not do proper PE and it often hurts when I have sex :S

Sorry for hijacking your tread btw :P

I’ve done some research into this. It appears that an acidic environment can trigger psoriasis on the penis. The acidity can come from lube or your girlfriends vagina. A few things that can possibly help.

Wash penis after sex.
Don’t use lube. Use natural oil. Coconut is the best. Almond is probably a close second. They are both alkaline.
Sun will help.

Best thing to use is Aloe Gel. Make sure you use the Stockton Miller variety. (Aloe Life makes a good gel)
Apply the aloe 2-4 times a day. Studies have shown that repeated use for 12 weeks can clear up the Psoriasis.

Good Luck

This has been a problem for me as well. It comes and goes, but I haven’t been able to keep the psoriasis away. My doctor prescribed me cutivate. However, psoriasis is still a problem I have yet to figure out.

Evening Primrose Oil combined with co-factors might do the job.…306/ai_n9255467

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“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey Bruno!

Actually, I at times would get it from PE. What I found worked great was two things, keeping the pressure down and second “zinc Bacitracin”. Its antibiotic ointment sold over the counter for cuts and scraps. There are other antibiotic ointments but its the ZINC bacitracin that works the magic. I think its primarily the zinc that somehow accelerates the healing of the skin.

I’ve just found that saliva seems to be useful on skin complaints. I suffer from arthritis of the skin on my foot, which makes the skin hard and very painful . Trying to remove it usually takes good skin with it. But just putting saliva on the damaged skind lets it come away quite easily without too much damage to the good skin. Might be worth a try as it costs nothing. Just wet your finger put it on the sore spott and rub gently. As the liquid dries it might just roll off the bad skin. If it doesn’t work It hasn’t cost you anyting.

But try it on a small spot first to see what effect it has.

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