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pee burning after grinding last night

pee burning after grinding last night

Hey guys I was out at a club and danced with this girl for like 2 hours and we were grinding pretty intensely and it was at some points a tad bit painful but I was pretty drunk and the girl was really hot so I didnt stop. Anyways I’ve peed twice since then and its been so painful just like a burning sensation everytime the flow starts. Could anyone help Im really kind of worried, will this go away and if so when? Is there anything I can do to help? and lastly what in the world happened?

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Is the colour of your pee ‘normal’?
Does it still hurt? You’ve peed twice and it still hurts.

Go see a doc, talk to him/her.

It could be an STD as you’re probably thinking already. Get it looked at before it gets serious serious. It could be a matter of just popping a few pills now.

More likely you just crushed your dick you drunken idiot:P It’ll probably go away on its own.

But go see a doc as soon as possible.

Was going to say no way is it and STD from grinding lol

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You may have a UTI, go see a doctor. In the meantime, drink lots of fluids (water, cranberry juice) to help flush your system out. I agree with LH, if you were just grinding through clothing, the chances of an STD are minimal, unless you’d had unprotected sex within the last 2 to 3 months.

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