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Peculiar problem with staying - help please

Peculiar problem with staying - help please

Hello fellow PE practitioners!

I need your help concerning something. I have a premature ejaculation problem that is a bit atypical.
Let me explain. If I am with a new woman or girl, the first time I tend to come very quickly. Unless I jerk it off an hour before sex, I will come within a few minutes of intercourse, sometimes even a good blow job will make me go.

Yesterday I had a situation where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I jerked off about say 2:30 pm. At about 6 pm I came to a woman’s house, she jerked my cock a bit, sucked it some (not even really good) and I put it in her pussy, without a condom since she is on the pill. She asked me to go slow, which I did, really really slow, for the last half minute I didn’t even move, and I just went overboard. It was embarrassing.
Later, after a half an hour I got it up again, and fucked her and I could go on no problem. This was like the third occasion we had sex.

The only girl I didn’t have this problem with is my ex girlfriend, with who I could go for some time, I would watch my tempo, breathing, and such. I believe it was because I was relaxed around her.
The thing is that with a new girl I am so excited that I can’t even control my arousal levels. I can edge when I masturbate for an hour no problem, but with a new girl it’s always like I have no control for the first session.
And since I am not exactly a really potent fellow, my maximum was 4 times in one night, and that was without a condom and only on one occasion, I can’t rely on giving it a few times.
I must say that with a condom it is only slightly different, I can go maybe a minute more.

So I ask you, is there anybody out there who was in a situation like me and somehow became a marathon man?
Please guys, I would appreciate your help very very much, because I am going crazy. I am a very good looking guy, girl want to be with me, but I don’t want to be a disappointment.

Thanks in advance!

There is nothing peculiar at all with ejaculating prematurely with a new partner. Happens to lots and lots of guys. You are excited, but you are apprehensive about how it will go and so, probably very nervous. When you are nervous, sometimes you even lose the erection because you are pumping adrenalin, which is an erection killer.

Your issue is similar to the many threads here on premature ejaculation. Read through them. Some of our members have come up with workable solutions for themselves.

What I’d suggest is that you just be up-front with a new partner and explain that you are not going to last long the first time, but you adjust as you have more experience with her. Doing this (talking about it briefly) will relax you and assure that she won’t have expectations of marathon sex, at least that particular night.



As long as your getting it up again and your able to last at that point it’s ok. Get her to blow you before you have sex. I’m sure the novelty of this new chick will wear off and you will get back to form just don’t worry about.

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Dude I’m in the same boat. I’ve been seeing this girl for awhile and the sex killed our relationship. For some reason I can go forever masturbating etc. but when I’m with her I almost start out at the point of no return. I can stick it in and thrust a few times, but yea… its bad news after that and I dont know whats up. After about 2 months or so I have got it down where I can go for a few minutes, but any longer than that…. game over. I hate this! I think its the excitement level is at fault for the premature cumming. I used to be really shy and would get nervous to a certain degree around girls (back in high school)… and this has carried over into the bedroom (college)… Im a late bloomer… Little by little i can start to control my excitement levels

Some things that have been working for me but are still hard to control when im with her (things I think that work):
1) deep, slow breathing
2) not trying to zone out the pleasure, but ride it out so to speak —> edge a lot

you have to go in completely relaxed, dont think or worry about anything, have fun no matter what. i usually go down on her first so if its a really short session its not “that bad.” I have got it a few times where there is good sex, and all those times a weird kinda calm falls over me and Im super relaxed and have fun. Im not sure how to always reach or maintain that feeling… if I find out tonight, Ill tell you :)

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any help would be much appreciated. this is a tough one

Improving your life, one pelvic thrust at a time!


Put on a condom. Besides the obvious reason for using one, it will numb the sensations down there a little bit, helping you last longer.

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