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Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile Papules

Hi there! I have these wite small pimples on the corona of the glance.

I believe they are called Pearly Penile Papules. I have had them for as long as I can remember

and it really start to annoy me since they are really visible.

It is said that all men have them but on most thay are not visible.It is not harmful in anyway

but ..well it does not look really nice. To me this is a bigger problem then the size issue.

And I just want to get rid of them. I have heard that laser is a possible “treatment”.

Some say you can use genital wart medicine.

Have anyone the same problem or a solution to this ?

:search: There’s some good info on this topic. I hope it’s helpful.

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No it was not helpful. That is why I posted a new thread.

Originally Posted by danman
It is said that all men have them but on most thay are not visible.It is not harmful in anyway
but ..well it does not look really nice. To me this is a bigger problem then the size issue.
And I just want to get rid of them. I have heard that laser is a possible “treatment”.

You have stated everything there is to know. They are not harmful and require no treatment. Some do have laser or cryotherapy (freezing) to remove them. Wart treatments are usually some sort of acid and not recommended for the penis. See a dermatologist or urologist and ask about removal.…cs=3&article=36…enile%20papules

Is PPP considered warts, westla?

Btw, danman, I’ve got them too. You should fully realize that there’s nothing wrong with them, and be clear with your intimate partners— “This is called Pearly White Papules. It is not an STD, STI, or anything of the sort. It’s nowhere near remotely contagious, and I hope it isn’t something we get caught up on.”

My girlfriend doesn’t mind at all.


I don’t understand enough Spanish to know what’s up with 50 cent here, but are these triple Ps? They don’t really look like little domes.

That’s quite a number of them, but PPP for sure.

Heh didn’t you just post this to another interesting site

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

Well I really started the thread to discuss ways to remove them. Beacuse I did not find the previous threads really helpful. I did not find anything specific. Sorry if that was unclear. One post stated you could ” give each of them a little snip”..Hmm thanks !

I know what they are and that it is not harmful and that there is no prescribed treatment. I want to try some “homecooked” treatment before going to dermatologist or urologist. If someone has specifically tried something to successfully remove them with success I like to know and many with me I guess.

1) they are fairly common and harmless

2) they may give you an advantage during sex - more friction from you.

3) if you are really concerned about having them, do go to a dermatologist or urologist and get a form of treatment that is not going to harm your penis rather than subscribe to something “homecooked” which may scar you or worse, deaden the sensations you now get from sex. The glans is full of nerve sensors. Don’t take the risk of turning them off.



Yeah, the head is pretty sensitive. I’m somewhat ambitious when it comes to do it yourself things and experimentation, but I’d go to a dermatologist if I wanted PPP’s removed.

I have PPP. They’re not warts. They’re absolutely benign. About 20% of men have them. Some women actually like them, don’t know why (Avocet may be right on this, he usually is).:) One curious thing, I noticed they are disappearing, don’t know whether it has to do with age or PE, but my corona looks very smooth now.

Take care and convince yourself they’re not really an issue.:)

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I didn’t have any sign of them until I did my last extreme Uli routine. I developed some tiny ones either during or shorty after. Might be coincidence.

Looks like they aren’t easy to get rid of:

Medical Care:
  • Lesions typically are asymptomatic and require no therapy.
Surgical Care:
  • Some patients may request therapy to alleviate anxiety.
  • Ablation using carbon dioxide laser, electrodesiccation with curettage, and excisional surgery reportedly have successfully eliminated lesions.
  • Mixed results have been noted with cryotherapy.
  • Topical application of podophyllin largely has been ineffective.

Hey Danman,

I have them too, ever since I turned 13, and I am now 46. I’m GRATEFUL that this thread has been started and I hope MANY of the members here can learn something that affects one out of three men. PPP’s is not something every guy wants, but most men do have them but are just not visible. In the next week or so I am going to post my pic’s and starting measurements and plan to expose the papules for all to see so that everyone can appreciate their own unit for what they DON’T have to contend with. All of the doctors that I have seen were not helpful, one suggested circumsion but said that would not guarantee much since they would still be there. One doctor said I would lose sensitivity with laser treatment plus a chance they would come back larger, again no guarantee.

Another doctor prescribed creams and ointments, but to no avail. PPP’s thrive in a moist environment, that’s why they are more noticeable in men that are uncircumsized, but men that are cut have them too.

There is a thread on the net that was extremely helpful and right now I cant bring it up on my computer but I do have it written down somewhere. I will post again tomorrow and let you know. There is a treatment you can do at home, like PE, it is new and many, many men have had suprisingly good results. The treatment consists of applying iodine and alcohol to burn layers of skin off of the affected areas, with myself it was around the glands of the penis. I consulted an excellent dermotologist and he gave the approval on the condition that I kept him informed of my progress. He was very supportive and helpful as he said that many men have come to him through out the years asking for help, he was very eager to see the results. Sadly,

I didn’t follow through because changes in my life didn’t leave me the time to do the treatments. I can tell you that there is a cream that WILL make them less noticible, it’s called VITACILINA and its sold over the counter. If

you apply it in the morning after your shower and after anytime that you clean yourself, you should notice a difference within a day or so. PPP’s are very, very deep within the penis, it is NOT a surface thing and they are tied to the nerves. The treatment is not for everyone, but like PE, it shows much promise.

Danman, how old are you? Are you uncircumsized?

Lastly, I can tell you that even though I’ve had partners shy away from me once they saw them, oral sex became out of the question for a few, it DIDN’T bother anyone who REALLY did care for me. PPP’s sure puts things in perspective!!! I am not ashamed of them anymore.



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