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Pearly Penile Papules

I would think just about anything to keep that from running everywhere would be good, its worth a try.

Did you try the over the counter ointment yet? I recommend it before trying this treatment. I had some large papules that I just had to get rid of, I just couldn’t live with them anymore.

I wish you the very best of luck. My thoughts are with you and anyone who has these things.


Is anyone on this thread thinking about trying this treatment? I’m thinking about delaying PEing for awhile and restarting the treatment to finish the job out. I’ve thought about this since this thread came up, I have all the stuff I need and I’ve recently bought a new digital camera. Maybe I could take before and after photos. I wonder if there would be any interest from anyone here at Thunder’s.


Go ahead and do it Intact!

I for one would be interested - I’m sure there are others…

See Ya,


Couldn’t you dip the tip of a needle or pin into the iodine to pick up only a minute amount to apply onto each P-3? How big are your palpules. I have them but they are so small that they don’t bother me. I guess some guys get bigger, more noticable ones. Serves you right for not scrubbing your cock clean with bleach and wire wool everyday! LOL, just kidding. Now get scrubbing!

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Gottagrow, if they don’t bother you or your significant other I wouldn’t worry about them. Might try Vitacilina if you can get it in the UK and apply in the mornings after your shower or bath.

Well guys, I’ve thought and pondered over this for the last few days and I’m going to go ahead and finish the job that I started. I will try and get the pictures posted next week at the earliest. I hope Thunder will let me post my pics here on this thread for obvious reasons. Treatments will start around Memorial Day weekend, no sooner, as Star Wars is getting ready to open tomorrow and I will be hanging on for dear life until then, I’m a theatre manager.
This is one of those things that takes some mental preparation also and physically too. No sex, no masterbation, so I will follow a strict routine.
Have to load up on vitamin c and flaxx seed also. I’m looking at 3 months or there about. Maybe by this fall I, too, will have a nice smooth dick, that would be a dream come true.
So if anyone hears a grown middle aged man screaming like a little girl, you’ll know the numbing cream is tooo old and has lost its umph. Then everything just goes white before I pass out.
Wish me luck, support, and happy self mutilation, I’m gonna need it.

What’s to stop them coming back though? I mean, they sprung up from nothing at some point in the past, so what will stop it happening again? Unless you want to apply iodine to your dick for the rest of your life. Perhaps they first appeared because of not properly washing every nook and cranny of your foreskin at some point in the past and once they appeared, they spread all by themselves no matter how clean you were from that moment on. Once you have gotten rid of them, perhaps you can stop them appearing again by just washing every nook and cranny of your foreskin thoroughly each day.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Grow, you’re right, there isn’t any guarantee but, for me, its worth a try. Cleanliness has little or nothing to do with papules as they are an enlargement of the glads under the skin, according to my doctor. I think its really more genetic than anything. You are lucky that your papules are small.

I am thinking about this treatment now. However I cant find Iodine. (I am not from the states) What is it really? Wart treatment?

Hey Danman,

Let us know if you start. I’ll post also. I want to get some good before,

during, and after pics. I’m going to start on May 30th.

I don’t think I would say its wart treatment, I wouldn’t use the same

chemicals for warts on my dick. No thanks.

Are you going to take any pictures of yourself?

Like yourself, I had to think about this for awhile before I made up my

mind, definitely not something you want to rush into.



Hey Guys,
Is anyone still interested in this thread?
I took pictures of my papules for a before, during, and after comparsion. I started the routine again only to be interrupted with a bout of kidney stones, what fun! Hopefully in the next week the stones will pass and I can resume treatment. Would anyone be interested in seeing the pictures? If I can get past my shyness I might be talked into posting them.


Yes, I’m interested in this thread, for a couple reasons.
One is that I have mild PPP—but nothing like A que se deben?

It’s late and I’m really tired, but my foggy brain does not recollect where I read this, that PPP are somehow tied to nerves within the dermis of the corona and glans… or am I imagining that? If so, and having already lost some nerve endings to circumcision, I don’t think I’d want to remove them if it removes some sensitivity to the corona.

As a sidebar, when I was a teenager I was very self-conscious about sebacious cysts on my shaft (even though I was the only one who saw them!) I tried rubbing them off with a pumice stone. Rubbed myself raw. Oh, the stupid things we do. It didn’t do a thing for my dick except put me in pain for a couple days. So when you describe this iodine treatment as almost making you pass out, do you think it was worth it? I.e., is the aesthetic pay off worth the pain?

I’ve had them for a long time, but recently I was pumping and used too much vacuum without enough lubricant and the skin round where they were came of taking the papules with it.

Since then (like just now) I noticed some very tiny ppp’s and just removed them with rubbing them with my thumb.

I’m uncut so it does get slightly moist there which aids the whole process as it keeps the skin supple and soft

So following on from that You could try just wetting the area very slightly, Saliva might be the best as it is thicker than water, (and the enzymes in saliva might help to soften the skin, leaving it to get well moisterised (Inside a condom?)) and once the skin is very soft , just rub lightly over them with your thumb.

The trick will be to use just a little moisture so there is some friction by your thumb on the area. but massaging the area will tend to dry the skin so you will have to find a the level of moisture that suits you best.

Maybe worth a try. It can’t do any damage but might just take of the outer layer of skin and the PPP’s with it

But do not rub hard enough to take too much skin off as you will get very sore. And just try it on a small area first.

Originally Posted by Intactmale
Would anyone be interested in seeing the pictures? If I can get past my shyness I might be talked into posting them.

It would be helpful to post pictures. The PPP’s in 50 cent’s pictures don’t seem like they’d be removed by rubbing them with saliva, as petitfaun was able to do. While I’m sure PPP’s can vary in size, I wonder if we are all talking about the same condition.

Like petitfaun, though, I think PE can enlarge them. At least mine appear larger after jelqing (as opposed to pumping). How much they’ll continue to “grow” through ongoing jelqing remains to be seen.

You can’t just “rub off” ppp’s. If it were that easy, I’d have gotten rid of them a long time ago.

I would be really intrested in seeing the pictures as I’ve read though this thread and already consulted my docter who okyed me trying the iodine treatment. I would love to hear if your treatment acutally fully removed ppp and if they have stayed gone since you did the treatment.


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