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Pearly Penile Papules

Well guys, it looks as if the interest in this thread has tappered off. The

net site that I spoke of has reorganized and now must register to obtain

information. The site is and there is, or at least

was, a valuable thread in there on the subject. It was fasinating reading

on what the different members had tried, some with success and some



So. What did you decide based on this thread so far and your own reading outside?



Hmmmm.tied to the nerves you say? Could you explain more of that? For instance, do they experience more sensation or something? It doesn’t seem probable based on previous knowledge (I have them myself, have as long as I can can remember but not a “severe case”), but I’ve never heard about being tied to nerves before either.

Maybe they do a little something for the ladies :D

They are there to create moisture. This is used for gliding the foreskin over the glands. Simple, moisturize the area they inhabit. They will be significantly reduced.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

To my knowledge they do not secrete anything. Adding moisture won’t make them go away. Smegma is the substance that provides lubrication for the foreskin as it moves over the glans and that is produced by specific smegma producing cells. See this.

I am 30 and uncircumsized. Thanks for that tips !
I did some reading on that site and found this post:

“I have tried a whole different remedy with great success. I am 26 have been diagnosed with PPP. I have had them since age 15 and they have spread and multiplied over the years. Fed up with what I once thought were genital warts, I recently tried an old folk wart-remedy and applied average over-the-counter iodine and ya know what? IT WORKS!!!! now before you get all excited, i must state that it took me almost 2 months of religious application 2 times a day. i would fully saturate the affected circumference of my penishead and let the iodine soak into the skin until it dried out and would stain the bumps a reddish-orange color…..i would repeat this process twice then i would wait about 10 minutes and then rub the area gently with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.You see, iodine is a mild poison that destroys skin cells and the alcohol breaks down the iodine and effectively dries the skin out - apparently PPP does not like dry conditions. By creating a constant cycle of tissue destruction/regeneration you will experience light scabs that peel off by themselves (DO NOT PEEL WITH YOUR FINGERS, LET THEM FALL OFF IN THE SHOWER!) and each time the skin sheds, the bumps will get smaller. I am pleased to report that they have completely disappeared!!! If you want to try this then here are a few tips and warnings
1. Shower first and use mild non-chemical soap to gently cleanse the area. I use Dr. Bronner’s all-natural soaps. Lavender works very well as an antiseptic and skin moisturizer/soother..the baby mild aloe is also very kind to sensitive skin…both are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You can buy these soaps at your local health food stores and organic pharmacies..for more info go to:

2. Get iodine with at least 50% alcohol content to avoid overdosing the skin. Apply it only to the bumps themselves and let a nice layer of it sit on the area until dry. Once it has evaporated, apply again and wait 10 minutes before you rub out thoroughly but gently with alcohol-soaked cotton swabs. It will burn a little at first but after the 1st and 2nd treatments you wont feel anything.

NOTE: For those uncircumsized like me, be sure to keep your foreskin pulled back for a while after you apply this treatment. You certainly dont want to let the iodine to become absorbed by the healthy skin that covers your glans (penis head). I usually wait 15 additional minutes after the alcohol rub before letting my foreskin relax. In general it is good practice to keep foreskin pulled back as often as possible to create the ideal dry condition. Despite all precautions, you may experience a mild irritation on your foreskin. if this happens, apply a very light layer of the iodine on it and then rub off with alcohol once it dries. You must do this to prevent the spread of PPP (because it spreads to damaged skin that is unsanitized) To accelerate the healing process, you may apply Neosporin or the oily filling of regular Vitamin E gel capsules

3. During the scabbing cycle, the skin will become hard and leathery. DO NOT pick at it or touch it. It is also very unwise to masturbate or have sex during this stage as you can split the scab open and cause delay with healing time. You can discontinue the treatment at any time to monitor your progress or just to get your rocks off. Once in a while I would get real antsy and HAVE to wack off so I would lay off the treatment for a week and wait for the new skin to grow out then spank the ol monkey a few times before another shower and iodine treatment. Never Jerk off without showering afterwards since accumulated semen and smegma do not help this condition

4. This treatment works best with the bumps that line the circumference of the penis head. I also happen to have those nasty sebacious bumps on my base & shaft and have had some success with the iodine remedy. If you want to tackle the shaft bumps, be prepared for a long battle because the skin is thicker and oilier than the skin on the head. I find it works best if you treat only a few of them at a time to avoid the discomfort and general weird feeling of a long scabby penis. To date i have removed 3 shaft bumps that were larger than the rest. I will probably leave the smaller ones alone since there are so many of them and it takes so damn long.

5. Everyone is different, your condition may require more or less doses then mine. I suggest starting out the first week applying the iodine once a day then work you way gradually up until you get my dosage and experiment with what works best for you. This may not be as convenient and fast as laser surgery, but it sure is a lot less expensive and painful since you control the dosages and iodine is really cheap anywhere you go.

6. To increase the recovery time of your skin you should also fight the bumps from the inside and give yourself an immunity booster. Buy some ground-up flax seeds and sprinkle a spoonful in some green tea. You can also use it as a substitute for butter in baking recipes. Flax seeds are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which are awesome for skin recovery and are usually recommended as dietary supplement to genital warts patients. I also buy vitamin-E gelcaps both taken orally and busted open to apply topically on occasion (makes a great lube for jerkin off). It really does make a difference in the recovery time once you get into these good habits. You also want to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of clean bottled or filtered water to keep your cell regeneration at its best. You know your are golden when your piss is not, clear urine indicates the optimal level of fresh bodywater.

Try this treatment at your own risk and follow all of the steps. It is important to be well-nourished, hydrated and CLEAN. it has been a long ordeal, fighting these stupid bumps on my cock yet despite the inconvenience of sticking to a daily regimen, I am glad i went through the discipline & trouble because now I have a nice smooth penis to show for my efforts. Now fully healed, I have not lost any sensitivity, in fact it is more baby soft and sensitive than it used to be!…I hope this helps some of you accomplish the same results. Good Luck my PPP brothers!


Scabbing takes about 2-3 days. Yes you can apply the treatment on the scabs…in fact it speeds up the process considerably. As mentioned previously, it is advsed to stop treatment once in a while (maybe every 2 weeks you take 2 days off) to monitor progress. try it mildly at first and see how your body responds. Only you can determine how much is too much.


There are a few concerns i would like to address.
1. Yes, the papules go deeper than you would think. you must continue this treatment even after the bumps flatten out in order to eradicate the roots. The iodine will show you how far to go since it will adhere more to the papules than the surrounding healthy flesh. Once you have successfully flattened the bumps out, you will notice darker spots on them after application…when these dark spots are gone, so are the papules. The real key is to NEVER pick at the dry skin, or you will expose the bumps prematurely and set yourself back to square one. This was a hard-learned lesson for me, and it is amazing how difficult it was not to mess around with the dry skin, since i admittedly enjoy picking any scab that shows up on my body. If you stick by this rule, you will save yourself a lot of time and stress, i cannot emphasize it enough.

2. Tenderness is normal the first day or two…if you are sore after the first 48 hours, its time to cut back your dosage. Take a 2 day break to let your skin heal a bit and when you start up again, try cutting the dosage by half. Try one day of treatment followed by a day of recovery/cleanliness/relaxation. Remember that everyone will get different bodily responses from this treatment and you should start off mild and work your way up. The stain will completely disappear once the scab falls off IN THE SHOWER. hot water works best to get the shedding process goin…dont overdo it tho..

3. I do not recommend the use of peroxide. In my case, it did more harm than good. Peroxide can damage the skin without the benefit of a protective scab thus facilitating the spread of the papules. I have used it with limited success on the shaftbumps but the white fizzing pain just aint worth it in my opinion (and this is coming from a guy who doused his ***** with iodine for 2 months)

4. If you have a loving partner who accepts your silly willy, then there is no need to undergo the tedium of this treatment. Learn to accept what ya got. If you like a little variety in your life like I do, then it is infinitely easier to avoid explanations whenever you are getting questioned after a blow job. The truth is that half the women I end up messin with either dont notice or dont care. I did this for myself and the other 50% of fine *** that I missed out on cuz the chicks got freaked when their lips ran across unfamailiar terrain. I dont pretend to have all the answers and in fact i am convinced that there is probably a better way to get rid of these thing without surgery that mebbe some chinese guy in the mountains has discovered. But until I find that elusive remedy, I will continue to endorse the iodine drip becuz it has served me well!

Happy Self-Mutilation Yall! “

I will give it a try !

danman - Can you give us a link to that? Whenever members post something here from another site Thunder likes to have them include a link to the original. Thanks!


Yes thats the thread! If you are really serious about attempting to reduce or elminate your papules, its worth a try BUT DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please check with your doctor first and get his ok, my doctor gave me a numbing cream to rub on the inside of my foreskin because when I tried this procedure, trust me, YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED PAIN UNTIL THE IDOINE GETS ON THE INSIDE OF THE FORESKIN. Dear God, I thought I was litterally going to pass out. The scabbing is a very interesting experience, my papules started shedding the first week, when this occured I had little or no sensation on the glands of my penis and this led me to believe that the papules were tied to the nerves. My doctor was fasinated by this and told me to reduce the number of treatments per week, which I did. “Mild irritation of the foreskin” my ass. Anyway, NO SEX, NO MASTERBATION on the days that you are doing the treatments, the penis is just too raw. If you notice blood, STOP. Do purchase Dr. Bonner’s lavender soap, it seems to work best with this treatment. Keep the foreskin pulled back as much as possible through out the day, using a velcrow wrap is ideal. I think the roots of the papules are deep within the penis, it was going to take longer than 2 months in order for me to get the optimum result. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. I think if there is any cons to being uncircumsized, this is it. One more thing, age seems to make the papules less noticeable too. I’m finding this to be true. And like I said before, the over the counter cream that you can buy Vitaclina is probably the best thing you can apply to reduce the papules to where they are not that noticable, it seems to “flatten” them out.

I have no doubt that the sensitivity comes back, but don’t expect it the next day or so, it’ll take awhile as I experinced on my glands. If you choose to try this treatment, I WOULD NOT DO THIS AND PE AT THE SAME TIME. OH HELL NO. And get ready to experience some pain. This treatment is not for everyone, they say so throughout the thread and I believe it. I treated only my largest papules and left the smaller ones alone, and I did have some good results on reducing the size of them.

Well, take care and hope this information has been of some help you. I’m sorry for my spelling, I’m not the best speller. If you have any more questions or thoughts I will be very happy to answer them either on this thread or PM me.


PS: The searing pain was so intense that I’ve experienced that only one time in my life and that was when I passed kidney stones. Get the numbing


Sorry guys I didn’t get this discussion at all. I have these little balls around my head for as long as I can remember, and I always thought it was normal. Is it some kind of disease or disfunction? Does it have any bad effects ? I’m confused.

Very interesting thread. I looked down at my glans and noticed what looked like papillae. But they are the color of my glans and are very small. They look just like tongue papillae. Thus, I don’t mind. I am circumsized, so from the reading, I guess I really wouldn’t know about it because it has much milder symptoms. I really didn’t realize it wasn’t “normal.” I think aesthetically they aren’t the greatest thing in the world, but I wish it was the norm, because anything that has the possibility of a giving a girl more pleasure, I’m all for [yes it’s a preposition, sue me]. 50 cents PPP looked like iguana bumps. If they were the color of the glans, I would keep them. I thankfully don’t see the need to do the treatment since it’s so mild, but I wish you guys the best of luck, and be careful. Sounds like this is sort of no pain, no gain treatment. Sound like no PE while doing the treatment. That’s a tough trade-off, but GOOD LUCK!

Intactmale, did you feel this pain with the numbing cream on?

Does this treatment permanently reduce the PPP?


Hey Biffy, the numbing cream dulled the burning/stinging sensation. Even when I applied the cream, then dropped the iodine I could still feel like a warming sensation in the area where the iodine made skin contact, but not to an extreme degree. I could tolerated the treatment with the cream.
In the treatment, it says to drop the iodine directly onto the papules but it also runs to other areas of your dick, namely the inside of the rolled back foreskin, no matter how small the dropplets were. Then apply alcohol on top of that and you have one raw dick. Sorry to be so lengthy about this.

Yes, the treatment did permanently reduce my largest papules, which I started with first. I did the treatment in sections around the glads and just underneath. Like PE, you have to stay the coarse unitl you get the desired effects.

Thanks Intact. I wonder if using a Qtip would prevent the iodine from going everywhere?


Good point, Biffy.



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