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Pe With Hpv


Pe With Hpv

It really sucks but I got it from my last girlfriend. I have been treated but there is one wart right under my fucking glans that is still going away is a bit tender(acid burn). Naturally I am angry because when started PE I had no idea I had a wart there I thought it was just a scar from agressive j/o session. I want to continue but am not sure what I can do w/o bothering the glans area. I aleady have a big head could I power jelk or jelk stick or….? also anyone else here have to deal with this crap or did in the past when they were in their 20’s and capable of having any women they wanted? I’m trying not to be bitter.. Thanks


Hear ya and feel ya. I, too, have it. No external symptoms, tho’.

From everything I’ve heard about warts and so on, you do NOT want to aggravate them. Let that bad boy go away before working that area. That being said, I think you could try the jelq sticks because they are supposed to be used on the sides of the penis and not top/bottom.

It is a bitter pill to swallow, especially since at this point it’s not curable. :(

I’m not sure about HPV, but I had some genital warts about 15 years ago. I don’t know where in the hell I got them, but they grew quite large. I had them removed by a Dermatologist and they never returned. The removal left 2 nasty scars at the base of my member on both sides. It was a bitch getting them stretched during PE, but now they are softened and stretched out. I would let that spot heal before going at it again.

Best of luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Jeltoid, I am not sure if HPV is the only virus that causes genital warts or not. But I know that it’s not curable (you can oftentimes get the warts to dissappear, only to reappear later in some cases). You might want to do some research on it. While it’s not a life-threatening disease to men, to women it can be as it is the #1 cause of cervical dysplasia, which is a precursor to cervical cancer. If dysplasia advances far enough they oftentimes have to perform a hysterctomy.

And that, my friend, can leave you with a sense of guilt that doesn’t go away. My ex had to have a portion of her cervix removed as she caught HPV from me (I didn’t know I had it).

Sadly, condoms are nowhere near a preventative measure. I really wish they were.

So I’d just say, do some web research. HPV sucks, and it’s not going to have a cure anytime soon, I am afraid. It is also *the* MAMMOTH STD statistically, which would make you think that people would be more educated about it.

I’d much rather have caught the clap. :(


Your post gave me cause for a little concern. When I had them removed the Doc told me to have my wife checked and I did (she’s OK). The warts that I had were raised like any old wart. I did some internet research as you suggested and was comforted when the info. stated that the raised wart variety that I had are considered extremely low risk and do not cause cancer. The link is below. However, FYI for everyone else, BE CAREFUL about where you stick that longer and bigger penis that you are getting!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Just make sure your wife is getting regular pap smears. That’s how they picked up my ex’s dysplasia.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, so I had to chime in.
I got HPV over 20 years ago, from my second girlfriend. Didn’t know I had it till a couple of years later when the warts showed up. Doc gave me podophillin (sp?) which didn’t work very well. I went thru 18 months of podophillin, cryro removal, and electric removal, but they kept coming back. Finally, I started removing them myself, using a paper clip end heated by a hot lighter. That has kept them away for over 15 years (but hurt! :) . However, 5 years ago, my wife’s pap smear showed cervical dysplasia. She had the areas removed. Dysplasia is serious, but both my wife’s ob/gyn and my doc made a point to emphasize that dysplasia is a PROGRESSIVE disease, meaning it can take YEARS (10+) to develop into cancer. So, get those regular pap smears, and talk to your doctor.

HPV never really goes away, they think it just goes dormant inside nerve cells. They aren’t sure what triggers it to wake up occasionally.

But don’t worry, you have lots of company - last I read the CDC esitmated over 60% of all adult men have HPV.

Finally, if your wife ever gets pregnant, make sure you let the doc know about the HPV - I think it is rare, but it can be passed to the baby during birth (We’ve had 3 kids with no problem…)

Way to chime in with a first post!

thanks fellas

I apppreciate the responses keep em coming.


my girlfriend just found out she has it, she gave me a paper that said “possible squamous blah blah blah cells found” shes going in for a colocscopy we dont know who gave it to who :( im sooosad im only 20 years old my life is ruined ill never be able to be with another woman!

I’ve got it too. I had a couple weeks several months ago where I had to take off from PE while the warts were coming off/healing. I had cryo done and it for me, was very effective. There is a new DIY treatment out from the Compound-W people called “Freeze Off!”. It’s a small canister you can buy at any store that sells their other wart removal products for around $20. DIY Cryo kit. Very nice option for men although I would still go get looked at to make sure you had proper diagnosis if it was your first time and were not sure if you even had an STD. I’ve had no ill after effects or had to take any additional time off from PE since.

I dont actually have them visible, im at the point where i dont know shit. The thing that makes me want to think she gave it to me is that she got tested 6 days after we started having sex. I dont know if its detectable 6 days after exposure or is it? Not that it matters that much as to who gave it to who, but i would ljust like to know.

The link I posted describes how they are made visible to the doctor. You could use the same method to see if there are any suspicious spots on your penis.

Is it just plain vinegar? and what I just wrap a towel soaked in vinegar for 15 mins and then look at it with the magnifying glass?

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