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Pe With Hpv


Just a followup on the cervical cancer and hpv, looks like Vitamin A helps reduce the risks of the HPV accelerating the Cervical Cancer. Don’t know the quality of the research here, but thought it was worth adding to this thread.


A loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love. Proverbs 5:19

I second Jelktoid and Buster,


(This one is for RWG) I got it banging this hot looking 17 year old anally when I was 19. I had the raised kind like Jelktoid. Trying to go to the doctor when you are on your parents insurance is interesting. I also had some interesting experiences at different doctors offices.

#1. Imagine pre-pe and thick body type( wore Husky Tuf-skins as a kid), I had a very small flaccid that was made worse by going to a decent looking young female doc for her to inspect my diseased penis. The worst thing was that she was either a man-hater or trying to make my penis into a liquid hydrogen hammer. It hurt so bad I went into a cold sweat and just laid in my truck with the A/C blowing on me for several minutes.

#2 Went to a male doc next. He used electro-cautery which was painful but very effective. he told me to lay down on the table. I laid supine and he told me to roll over because he thought I had them “peri-rectally”, I then informed him that I was a pitcher only for the visiting team. Also in front of his hot, young assistant with my diseased, turtle-like flaccid.

After that I had no more for 12 years and then got one around the base of my penis when shaving. I went to Radio Shack and got some Component Coolant spray and froze it off myself. But if I was to go to the doctor again I would recommend the electro-cautery, followed up by Podophillin.

does anyone here have any experience with aldara?

Damnit boncrshr, I know this was not ment to be funny but seeing this play out in my mind was! I got the clap when I was a young chap from a little Mexican hottie I pulled out of a T.K.E. Frat party at the U of W and got the “rod” test by a female doctor and after she pulled that fucker out of my peehole we got to watch my dick actually attempt to retract into my stomach! Talk about turtle! I’ll never forget her name… “Rosenquest”!!! Damn and that was years ago….


Actually, it is funny. I really do look back and laugh. Especially about the doc who wanted to cauterize my anal sphincter. Clarification, the experiences were funny…..nothing about any VD is funny……unless it happens to your ex.

I got these warts about 15 years ago from a girlfriend and pinched the suckers off myself. They have never returned and never spread. No problems since then. I didn’t know better and I would recommend a doctor doing it now. But having a smaller penis back then I avoided doctors as much as I could when it came to my penis. I am an inch and 1/2 bigger (BPEL) and feel more comfortable about letting it all hang out, so I don’t have the qualms I had before.

You can try to jelq with a pinch grip aka upsidedown “U”.


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