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Premature Ejaculation Or Something Worse?

Premature Ejaculation Or Something Worse?

Hello all. I would like to address to you’ll a problem that I have been facing for quite a while now. I want to keep this as short as possible so I would like to give just a small introduction about my history. I apologize in advance if my article is not well written.

I was introduced to porn at around age 12 or so. At age 17 I started watching porn almost everyday and due to my high sex drive I would masturbate at least 2 - 3 times a day. Sometimes this would go up to even 5 times a day. At around 19 I noticed that it takes me less than a minute to ejaculate. I was aware that this is a sign PE but I thought that I would take care if it later.

Now, I am 21 years old and while masturbating, a little bit of semen leaks out(and no it’s not pre-cum) before even ejaculating. This has been happening for around a year now. All these days I just sat calmy thinking that this problem would go away on it’s own. But now, all of a sudden it has struck me that I’m facing a real issue here and i want to cure it ASAP. Could someone shed some light on what is happening to me here? Is this just a normal symptom of PE or is this something even worse? And please tell me how do I get my genitals to function normally?

What you mean with PE in your post?

Sorry, I meant Premature ejaculation as PE. I will edit that right away.

Ok, so apparently the time limit for editing a post has been exceeded. So could someone please change the “PE” there to “Premature Ejaculation”?

Done. Have you tried not masturbating for some weeks?

Originally Posted by marinera
Done. Have you tried not masturbating for some weeks?

Thank you, Marinera.
And no, I can barely survive not masturbating for more than 3 days. Let alone 1 week or more, haha. My sex-drive is just too high I guess. The only time I haven’t masturbated for a week was because I was out on a school camp and that was like 4 years ago.

Hey Average,

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with this. I have struggled with porn and self gratifying addiction for years, and I am 27 years old. I can usually last 30 second to a minute if I’m lucky while having sex.

I believe to completely cure it we must first detox our minds from the “goal oriented” type of thinking we have when it comes to sex. We have always believed that sex is simply for the purpose of orgasm and ejaculation. We need to completely do away with this type of thinking if we are ever going to control our ejaculations. I believe this starts with getting rid of all porn, all self gratifying and ALL sexual thoughts towards women or anyone! I know this seems extreme, but our problem is extreme. I believe if we can completely change our attitude and thoughts towards sex and relationships it will make it possible to rewire our brains in a proper way. I hope this helps.

If it leaks I guess you still have left overs in your pipes from earlier masturbation sessions.
Since it only leak while you masturbate (are erect) I’d say it’s all good.

Your balls contract a little all the time when you do sexy stuff, meaning that some semen that left your balls earlier but didn’t reach the urethra, will now start to sip out from the gentle pressure.

To Trueheart, yes you are right about the goal oriented thinking. Stop seeing ejaculation as the sole purpose.
However purging yourself of all sexual thoughts is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater
- why not rewrite the story you have with women?
Then keep focusing on your new story until it takes over your perception.

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I have watched a ton of porn and masturbated at least that many times when I was in college/high school. All you need to do is edge man. If you have the time to masturbate 2-3 times a day, then you have time to edge.

Edging is bringing yourself close to cumming and then stopping yourself from doing it. It takes some level of self control which you build up on slowly. Masturbate till you are close to cumming, then stop, hands free, look away from the computer monitor for a minute until the sensation to cum goes away. After it goes away, masturbate some more until once again you feel like your about to cum. STOP again.

Do not let yourself cum before you have reached at least 20 minutes. Do this for 2 weeks straight every single day EVERY TIME you masturbate. After two weeks, hold your orgasm off until 30 minutes. Go two weeks again. After that 40 minutes. Once you can masturbate for 40 minutes without cumming, you will be a badass in bed with any chick. One more thing, while taking a piss, stop yourself mid stream and hold it for 3-5 seconds and then continue to go. Its a hold and squeeze kind of feel. Doing this will also help you get control.

Some things to practice while masturbating so you’ll have good form in bed with women and it also helps keep the feeling of going to cum under control.
DO NOT tense up, keep it loosey goosey.
DO NOT squeeze your butt, again stay relaxed.
DO NOT, squeeze your legs, RELAXED is the key here man.
DO NOT hold your breath, if you feel like your going to cum take a deep breath in through your nose and out your mouth slowly, and focus, also stop masturbating for a few.

You will find with practice that simply controlling your breathing really helps with getting the urge to cum to go away. After a couple weeks of doing what I just stated above you will begin to feel more control. There is nothing wrong with you, you just have had really bad masturbation practices over the years and have trained yourself to cum quickly. Now it is time to reverse the process.

Story time.

I used to edge when I was in high school and college every time I masturbated. I did not know what I was doing at the time, I simply like holding off on the orgasm. When I got with my first girl I could not cum the first time because I had so much control plus it was my first time so I was scared to cum early. Fast Forward a few years.

Got married, had sex with wife, didn’t need to masturbate anymore yadda yadda. After a while she became pregnant, and pregnant women are not always super horny. So I got less sex than usual. I would get so worked up on the rare occassions we did have sex that I started to cum faster and faster over the course of 6-8 months. Eventually, I would cum in about a minute even though I would honestly try not to. I had lost control of my orgasm. I was devastated, I honestly felt like less of a man. You know what I did? EXACTLY what I told you to do in the above paragraphs. Now I am the fucking king of my orgasm. If I don’t want to cum, I’m not going to. Trust me man, I know from experience. There’s no trick to it.

Good luck

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Stop masturbate so often because your penis needs some rest. I do no think that it is a sign of PE. Still, do you feel the same when you are with a woman?

You should practice edging yourself before you go to sleep then when you wake up in the morning. Go very slow while you lay in bed and gently rub your dick. When you get close to ejaculation slow down. At the end of your edging session you can ejaculate. Just slowing increase the time of your daily edging sessions. I started out at 5 minutes and I got up to 3 to 4 hours years ago. (I suddenly lost the ability to do this due to being unable to maintain an erection and I’m thinking it was due to low testosterone since I also lost my morning erections.) It’s all about being gentle and slow. You don’t need to look at any porn while you do this just lay in bed with your eyes closed. It will take a few months but in time you’ll be able to go for the 3 to 4 hours I used to be able to do. Your pace should be more relaxing rather than full on fast stimulation. Good luck bro.

I think it’s because of too much masturbation the muscles responsible for holding the semen back got weaker. You need to stop for a week or two, to do that you might workout everyday and try some physical work that leaves you tired and trust me your sex drive at the end of the day won’t be the same after some hard work all day.

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