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PE Is Like a Drug/Anti-Depressant.

PE Is Like a Drug/Anti-Depressant.

Noticed something really weird today and thought i would share. Every time something that gets me down,blue upset, or something just doesn’t go my way my reaction has been to do PE. These incidents have had nothing to do with sex or females in any way, just seems every time one of the recent umm… misfortunes (i guess that will do) seem to cross my mind I immediately think “hmm I wanna do a PE session right now” which is followed by an almost instant plump or sometimes instant erection. Just find it odd that times when most people would drink or use drugs to get through something i rely on my dick lol.

Maybe it’s a self improvement thing?? idk Thoughts?

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I think everyone has a thing they like to do in times like that. I don’t have a choice of doing my PE anytime I want to with the hours I work so I just do it when I have time at the end of the day. Its great stress relief though. Can’t help but feel happier seeing your nicely plumped dick after a good work out and thinking it will be even bigger eventually.

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I see what you mean, it’s almost like meditation, relaxing.

Exercise works even better, it’s also actually proven to make you happier.
If someone sits around all day they will get depressed, I love to exercise now, feels amazing after like my mind is clearer.

I’ve always found PE to be a nice distraction from reality.

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