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PE induced herpes?


PE induced herpes?

I guess this belongs in the health forum but its also here to because I “think” it was PE that brought it on.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a major outbreak of herpes before. I didnt think I had it up until now.
About a week ago my foreskin started getting swollen and extremely tight. Then came ALOT of lesions on the base of the head and around the foreskin rim.
Anyone who has herpes and has had a bad initial episode will know that this is extremely painful since the foreskin and head are very sensitive.

The thing that I question is, and I’m not sure about this. Did me overdoing my sessions cause the outbreak (implying that I had herpes already but).
I noticed the first signs after a heavy hang session (for me) at about 13lbs on a Vac Hanger. After which I started getting irritation and soreness, a few days before the lesions appeared.

I just wanted to know if this was possible?
Has anyone here experianced an outbreak as a result of PE, as I read that “vigourous” use of the penis can cause them (as can stress, increased arganine, etc - but none of these really apply to me)

Thanks for any info.

Thats sort of what I had, at first. Caused by my foreskin being sucked into the sleeve when removing.

It might have been a friction type injury before.

But one thing IS for certain, I have a herpes outbreak now (Don’t think I’ve had one before), this is what the doctor said and this is what all the symptoms point to. Although its clearing up now in terms of the sores healing. The foreskin is still a little swollen.

Yes, I discontinued jelqing 15 months ago due to it causing flareups. I wrote a thread about it a long time ago.

Thread was called “Serious Complication” from 12/03.

You should have a urologist check it out.

Dam that shit is crazy

Yes, local trauma (stress) to the penis skin can provoke a flare-up.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

If it is a cause I’m hoping that only the extreme trauma like that I subjected it to when hanging too much.
I hope I can still resume jelqing and stretching. I may hang again, but I’m not sure about risking it.
I’m trying to figure out whether I JUST caught herpes or whether it has been dormant for some time…Guess I cant really find out technically, I can only speculate.

Thanks for the help guys.

Several questions:

Did your Doctor SURMISE that it was a herpes outbreak, or did he actually take samples for lab testing?
Because unless he took samples, he can only surmise that it’s actually herpes. With the all the strange things we’re doing to our wankers, I don’t think there’s do many people outside of this circle that has seen some of the more intense injuries that can be caused.

Are your lymph nodes in the groin region swollen and or tender? And even then, an injury of this magnitude could cause them to become tender simply due to the normal processes of healing.

How long has this “outbreak” lasted? And what if anything is it responding to? I wouldn’t be so quick to rule it herpes, and without a lab test on fluid from the area you’ll never know for certain.

Let me tell you about my recent injury that I’ve been keeping to myself:

For the last year I’ve been a pretty aggressive pumper and clamper.Never had too much of a problem with it.
Although most of the time I did exceed most recommendations and pump upwards of 8hg, sometimes more.
I almost always pumped with warm water and sometimes I used a piece of spongey foam and velcro as a stayer while in the tube. So what I was doing was doing was essentially clamping while water pumping. I was also aggressively clamping with a cable clamp as well.

A little crazy? Yes I know, but I was getting great results. Using the stayer device while in the tube seemed to produce a lengthening effect as well as the normal girth benefits that pumping produces. I had been doing things this way for more than 6 months with little ill effect other than the occasional diminished erection quality due to fatigue. Nothing a little V didn’t take care of if I absolutely had to perform that evening. Otherwise normal quality always returned in less than 24 hours.

Well about 3 weeks ago I was doing some serious water pumping. My gauge is getting damaged from all the water and I know I exceeded my normal pumping vac. I did achieve a plumpness that lasted several days from it though, but again erection quality declined during that period. Then two days later I had decided to lay of the pump for a while and clamp more aggressively instead.

So I’m sitting there with the clamp on and I’m getting some tremendous girth and stiffness from itwhen i begin to notice a few small red dots on the right side of my shaft. So I figured enough is enough and decide to take the clamp off. Well by the time I removed the clamp, which was no more than a simple click, I had developed a huge blotchy red patch work down the entire right side of my shaft. It extended from the base all the way to the glands. Numerous red spots of various sizes were also all over the blotchiness and the left side of my shaft as well. I think I had a blow out.

Let me tell you, this stuff looked absolutely nasty. I got real depressed real fast and I was starting to worry about if I was going to have permanent scarring. I soaked it in warm water for a few minutes and that seemd to increase the injury. So then I went and got some ice. It’s amazing what you can tolerate when you’re worried about losing a life long buddy.

The ice seemed to help a lot. When I couldn’t tolerate it any more I dried things off and then put vast amounts of Neosporin ointment all over my dick. With in a couple of hours things began to calm down a lot. I actually ended up having sex with the wife later that night although things weren’t completely gone away. She didn’t notice anything because the lights were off. It took about 48 hours for things to completely go away. I had run out of Neosporin (triple antibiotic creme) and used the only other thing I could find. Which was A&D ointment. A&D is most well known for treating diaper rash in children. It worked better than the Neosporin did.

The whole point of my story is that this injury looked absolutely nasty. If I had seen this on some one else’s dick, my response would have been; Wow, nasty case of herpes dude. Because that’s what it looked like to me also. But I have no history of ever having herpes. I’ve also never heard of a herpes outbreak going away in less than 48 hours by using topical creme. Actually I’ve heard you’re not suppose to use this type of stuff on outbreaks. But I was freaking out big time.

I laid off of all PE for about a week and a half. Then I picked up the pump again tried a little 2 to 4 hg pumping.
Wham! with in 30 seconds of being in that tube, it happened all over again. Except that the blotchiness took on a different appearance and I was able to get rid of it in less than 24 hours this time. This doesn’t sound like herpes to me. But it does look like it to a degree.

Well now I’m paranoid to do any PE at all. I tried to do some light PE a few times.Every time I do I can see the red dots start to form again and I give it up before I have another blowout. This sucks big time. I was starting to finally break the plato I had been on when all of this happened. So now I’m on an extended break of undetermined length. I still tug and jelg lightly though.

Since this occurred I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a lot of very tiny blood vessels a long the shaft that are very close to the surface. So close that I can see them. I’m wondering if the pumping and clamping led to their being so close to the surface, or exactly what’s going on. Everything still works. I have to scarring or discoloration going on. I just can’t get back to my favorite 2 PE pastimes as it is right now. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to or if my PE career is over for good.

What I wanted to impress upon you, is that I’m not entirely convinced what’s going on with you is actually herpes. Mainly because I don’t think what’s going on with me is either. But if anyone else had seen this stuff they would have thought it was herpes. I think we’re pioneers here in some respects. So we get to take the good with the bad and learn from experience. That’s the whole point of THUNDERS in the first place - collective experience. Well that’s been mine. I’m interested in hearing about others. As good and well intentioned as the Doctors out there are. There’s no one out there that really has all that much experience with PE. Even if there was, they couldn’t possibly have seen it all - the good, the bad, and all the ugly.

Keep us informed of how it’s going. I’m also curious to hear DETAILS (signs, symptoms, duration, etc.) of experiences from those who HAVE had herpes outbreaks as a result of PE’ing. I think it would be a benefit to some people.


I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Thanks RC. Sounds really intense.

No no tests have been done but after the doctors reckoning I did a little research and the standard symptoms I have read about it seems about right.

OK let me outline what has happened to me.
First, I was hanging 13.5lbs for about 30 Mins from a Vac hanger and noticed my forskin start to slip forward, which exerted ALOT of pressure on my head (around and below the urethra, and on the frenulum area)
After taking off the hanger I noticed this area was red and tender. Very tender, but not raw (yet)
I decided that any more hanging would be a bad idea so I layed off for a while, I think doing 2 jelq sessions in the days leading up to the other symptoms.
For about 2-3 days the area was still sore. Eventually I got these little white blotches on the red area which I read are supposed to be blisters. By this time my foreskin had swollen like id been jelqing, but it wouldnt go away, and my forskin became VERY tight. Pulling it back felt like I was ripping it.
It then got very tender and itchy, to the point where if it moved or hit my leg I would flinch.
THEN I finally went to the doctor.
He gave me an ointment (Herperax) and some pills to take.
By this time the blisters had broken to become open sores/lesions that were VERY painful. I liken it to putting a lighter to the head of my penis. The lesions also spread around my foreskin a little bit. This was especially painful when I had to pull my foreskin back and I felt like I wasnt making progress because I was allowing the lesions to heal in a tightened state and then pretty much reopening and healing area every time I pulled the skin back. So I took to keeping my foreskin back, all day all night.

It gradually got better and the lesions began to scab and new skin form, which is slightly sensitive.
Now I’m at the point im at today, about 8-9 days after I first got proper symptoms. I have one more scab that I’m waiting to show signs of fully healing. After which I will try and slide my foreskin back forward.
I still have a jelqed looking doughnut foreskin so I hope that will go away once I do so.

The stages seem to have happened like I read they do with genital herpes, which is why I’m prety decided on it.

When was the last time you had intercourse with someone…or someone other than your usual partner? ourThe incubation period for the first episode of a herpes outbreak is usually 7-10 days, maybe this can give you an idea as to when you may have contracted it. Possibly, you may have been a carrier for an unknown amount of time, and this trauma to your penis caused it to manifest (this seems more unlikely).

Last time I had sex was with my g/f about 2 weeks before the outbreak (I’m in another country now)

I hadn’t had sex with anyone else for the last 2 months. So don’t think it can be that.

I was wary of the fact my g/f has had coldsores before and gave me oral…when I was trying to narrow down the possibilities

Originally Posted by Sacred
Last time I had sex was with my g/f about 2 weeks before the outbreak….
I was wary of the fact my g/f has had coldsores before and gave me oral…when I was trying to narrow down the possibilities

Well I think you nailed it on the head there. If your gf has coldsores (that is oral herpes) then it is extremely likely that you would get it. The 2 week period is about right for incubation.

I am not a doctor and the only bona fide way to know is if you get tested. Get the whole battery of tests. It’s the only way to know for sure. From there you and your doctor can work out a way to prevent future outbreaks. There are alot of resources about herpes and a few guys here have written about PE and herpes.

I’d say stop any further PE and sort this out.

Good luck man.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

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