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PE induced ED

No i’m not having sex right before I go to bed. I actually havn’t had sex in 2 days and I didn’t get morning wood today. Only time I will get wood is if I make myself get wood. Porn and imagination just won’t do it. I couldn’t even have sex today because I couldn’t keep it up. It’s been pretty terrible. I hope this goes away before the end of summer.

Dude, it’s probably in your head then. Are you by chance on a “clean” diet? Have you been depressed lately? Any supplements? I had the same problem as you about a year ago, that’s how I found PE. Don’t worry it goes away, just try not to think about it.

Originally Posted by UserName86
No i’m not having sex right before I go to bed. I actually havn’t had sex in 2 days and I didn’t get morning wood today. Only time I will get wood is if I make myself get wood. Porn and imagination just won’t do it. I couldn’t even have sex today because I couldn’t keep it up. It’s been pretty terrible. I hope this goes away before the end of summer.

It’s just old age man. You’re not 15 anymore for Gawd’s sake! :)

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19 isn’t old age. Somethings wrong.

I have a very healthy diet. I only eat foods that are NOT greasy. I don’t drink any soda and have really cut down on the sugar intake. I have almost eliminated salt from my diet completely. I only allow a very small intake of it each day. I never add salt to anything.

Sounds like trauma.

Rest. Don’t do any PE. Don’t masturbate. Maybe take a break from sex or at least cut down. If you do have sex go easy. Way easy.

When you start getting morning wood again, wait - take time to make sure everything’s reliably back to normal. Then slowly re-aquaint yourself with PE: jelq lightly. Do an easy-does-it newbie routine. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle.

Depending on how rough you’ve been on him you might wait 3 months. See a urologist and get a check-up: you can chalk your symptoms up to rough sex if you’re embarassed.

You are likely to heal just fine. But you’ve really got to give yourself time to recover. You can tell your girl that you two got too rambunctious and you’ve got to go easy for a while. She’ll understand.

This happened to me when I was 19, although it was just from constant and aggressive sex with my very hot girl (I didn’t know from PE then). This girl loved sex, but she understood that Mr. Happy needed to recuperate. She gave me the space to get well again. Then we celebrated. It was actually really hot.

The penis is a surprisingly durable organ, but it does need to be given time to heal. Do your self the favour.

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I believe that today is the 2 month and 3 day anniversary of my terrible accident. I still have major ED problems from it. But interestingly enough I seem to have gained a little bit from this injury. I have gone from 6.2 inches to about 6.35 inches NBP. I haven’t done any exercises since my injury.

I really am thinking this is going to take a half a year to a year to go away. If not, it’s completely permanent and at age 19 Viagra here I come. Ill give it some time before I go to Viagra but my doctor said he would put me on it if I want it. I was thinking I could try the taking it a night to support night wood. I don’t know if any of you read that article about men taking Viagra for year everyday before they went to bed and at the end of a year, half of them didn’t need it anymore. I was thinking I would try something like that. Anyway I’m still as screwed as I was two months ago.

L-Arginine works well in helping with wood but when I’m off of it the effects go right down the drain. I could get addicted to that stuff just for that reason. Hope this goes away and I have learned a valuable lesson but It’s one I may never recover from.

Just stop using your dick for a week or two (including sex, jerking or PE). Maybe this will change something.

UserName86 -
I know what you have gone through, I myself had PE-induced ED and I am in my early 20s. It took a while to get the wood to return, months even. It was 2 years back, I had it around May and it didn’t really recover until July and I kept resting and taking it easy (no PE, tried to lay of masturbating and no athletic sex with gf) by OCTOBER, it was back to normal; back to erections galore. Seems like you are going through the same pattern.

I learnt the hard way (really hard way) that recovery takes time and that going easy on exercises is important. Patience is the key to gains at the end of the day.

Also, now I am not a salesman or anything, I use Maca and 7 Roots sometimes to help in my recovery from PE. I don’t go overboard with this stuff (a teaspoon each and a mug of hot water) and it has helped in recovery and helps increase blood flow to the penis (and is good for one’s health anyway). Maybe you can try it to see if it helps.

I won’t guarantee anything because I have had people try it and they say they don’t feel effects and some are bouncing off the walls. Here is the link:


Ok it’s two months and 8 days now. My pecker is starting to show signs of recovery. I got my first little bit of morning wood today. Wasn’t very hard but soft morning wood is better than no morning wood. I’ve been trying that no masturbating thing every one seems so enthusiastic about in every thread ever dealing with ED. It’s really hard I try not to but I end up saying fuck it all the time. I’ve masturbated twice in the last 5 days because I’m not around my girlfriend anymore as we live in different cities. Man it’s hard to not masturbate but I do think it is helping with the recovery.

So you laid off the PE, but I’m still confused as to whether you’ve actually stopped having sex or masturbating for any significant period of time. I’m talking total rest - no porn, jacking off, anything - don’t even think about sex or your dick - do something else with your time. In your case I’m thinking 2 weeks to be sure. Second thing is, as far as diet goes, I’d think that getting the right nutrients is a lot more important than cutting out the garbage. So make sure not just that you’re eating clean, but that you’re getting all the minerals, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats that you need.

- Oh I just saw that you haven’t really stopped jacking off - well there you fucking go. No more complaining until you get 2 weeks total rest with good nutrition.

Holy crap your just talking crazy. But I’ll give the not touching my penis a try anyway. Yes I have stopped having sex and I’m trying as hard as I can with the masturbating thing.

Ok so it’s been 3 days of no masturbating and no real improvement. I’m going to start taking NOS again and I now that will improve my erections in the short term as long as I keep taking it. I really just don’t see how this no masturbating thing will help but I’m going to try it anyway.


What kind of routine did you do before you stoped pe?
Did you do any warm ups?

I was just getting into it when one day my girlfriend was joking with me and told me I must have gotten the small gene ( I’m 6.3 NBP x 5.1 I think it’s small) and I went crazy and yanked the fuck out of it fist full from the base about as hard as I could for less than 5 minutes. I’m fucked as far as I can tell. I don’t think that this injury is recoverable and that I’m permanently fucked.


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