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PE and Vasectomy


I was a churchgoing american catholic (in other words more protestant than catholic) I began to study my faith and discovered that most american diocese are far from what is officially taught by the church. I rediscovered my faith through study and ultimately persued traditional catholicism. In otherwords I guess I decided that I was wrong on the issue of birth control and the church was right. Although the church doesn’t require sterilization procedures to be reversed as a condition of sacramental absolution I felt I at least should look into it. I do think that another kid or two would have been nice.

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Hi, there is different techniques as many ppl have mentioned, the two main ones are, local or general surgery, Local being the most painful as the surgeon does a injection into each testie, before he cuts the sack then the plumbing, yes can make your eyes water! and of course the other is general, where you are out for the count! dont feel anything till you wake up. What ever way ppl go is depending on money and time and the surgeon you use. The main thing to is after the op is to take pain killers for a day or so, and the most important thing is to wear very suportive daks (under pants) as you the testies need alot of support (so no boxers for awhile) to reduce swelling and brusing. As the others say you must cum like crazy for a few weeks to empty the raining sperm. so have fun knocking the top off it! While this surgery is NOT 100% fail safe, (most surgeons and Dr will still tell you to bag up before sex) it is 99% safe against getting some preg, Its a very big step and make sure you are going ahead with the op for the right reasons, eg. think of the next 10- 20yrs+ in your life. Good luck.

I opted to have it done, 4 kids is enough!

I was awake and the only pain I felt was the pulling while cutting. Didn’t feel it locally at the spot, but I did feel it in my stomach.

Be careful afterwards, don’t do anything to disturb it for a couple of days. I know atleast four people that over did it and got a lot of swelling. I went home, stuck on the old jock strap and underwear, layed on the couch, and put a bag of frozen peas on the area. Next day I went to work!

Just be careful for a couple of days. Everything will go fine I am sure. :)


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Originally posted by jiml
My vasectomy is scheduled for September.

Mine will be either single or double incision depending on the Dr. performing the
operation. 3 use single incision; 1 uses double incision (HMO special) :)

Should I stop exercises a few weeks in advance? Did you MDC?

Well had it done yesterday. Got the one incision guy yeah! Felt a little queazy when he started on the first one. He added some more anesthesia and the rest of the way went well. Just got a “bullet hole” right in the middle of my sac right now but have no pain whatsoever. Feel like I could do whatever I want but will follow Drs. orders and wait a week before doing anything strenuous.

Sounds like exactly what happened to me. Did the nurse commend your shaving job too? :p

It’s not over yet.. Since the sperm has nowhere to go, it’s probably going to be uncomfortable down there for a few more months until your body adapts.

Glad to hear it went well!

Originally posted by MDC
Sounds like exactly what happened to me. Did the nurse commend your shaving job too? :p

LOL. nope no comments about that. She was nice looking though‚ handled my unit gently and we had some nice chit chat going. Made me feel very at ease. :D
She seemed to enjoy her job! :p


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