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PE and Sexual Kung Fu

Originally Posted by cirolli
Hi Ziggaman, I’m pretty much exercising like you, and it’s encouraging to see that I’ve got pretty much the same effects that I read in your posts. I’m seeing some results while making love with my girlfriend, but I’m far from having the control of the whole thung. Yesterday I had a pretty long and wild love session with my girlfriend, it was really awesome and we had a very strong orgasm together, but I feel like today it could be different. What I feel I’m learning by now it’s not the ability to thrust hard for longer periods (or at least just a little bit), but I’m learning to manage myself knowing better and better my reaction times. I edged on and off for some time now, lately being pretty consistent, but now I want to add meditation once a day for fifteen minutes a day, a thing that I’ve done for a period months ago and that gave me a really big help in controlling ejaculation.
One thing I’d like to ask you and Tsuga that seems to be much more experienced than us, is if you do also any exercises other than edging.

As for other exercising, I do some swimming, a little running, and martial arts. However my lifestyle hitherto has been quite cyclical, in that I’ll go through a period of living fairly healthy, eating well and exercising, and then I’ll go through a period of debauchery: drinking, smoking a lot, a little substance abuse.

Not ideal, but hey.

I’m really envious of you having a really strong orgasm together with your girlfriend. It’s been a long time since I experienced that. At the moment I long for someone to share those feelings with. Ah well.



Ziggaman, your lifestyle seems to be pretty similar to mine, including periods of debauchery, which I think in my case are a major problem for achiving some cemented results with the edging, even if lately I feel very focused. I must say that being part of this forum is a big help. Anyway, just to enter a little bit more in the discussion, I’ve got “The multiorgasmic man” too, I’m wondering if exercises like the testicles breathing is fundamental or at least important to improve the ability to control the energy level. Are you doing it? I’m wondering what Tsuga thinks about this..

I have the book by Mantak Chia too. Actually it’s been quite a long time since I bought it, but whatever: I read the introduction chapters again yesterday. It’s striking. I feel sorry for all the sperm I sent to the sewers now.. :) But gone is gone.

So what I wanna say: I’m about to learn the techniques right now: the circulation thingie especially. Because I think it’s the most important. I already have some achievement: I can stop ejaculation by kegel force :D But that isn’t the ideal thing, because it leaves me with a soft penis. In your posts, I see you called them: retrograde ejaculations. So do you mean they are equivalent to normal ejaculations nevertheless, considering the energies and the powers?? Some guys argue when you stop ejaculation this way, the sperm is thrown away the next time you pee. I always thought it went back to the balls.??

So, I’ll soon read the techniques and apply, and share my achievements here :)

I wish a very beautiful & sexxxy woman for you to share your practice bro.. (and me! :D )

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Just sharing some thoughts about my practice in these days…I belive I’m still far from being able to control easily my excitement. I’m noticing some very little improvements, but nothing to get excited (maybe this is not the best word to say it in this case) for. What I feel is that edging by now is getting me aware of the things that get me over the edge more easily beside manual stimulation: I understand that thinking about my girl moaning and her face expressions during our sex games gets me far more out of control that picturing in my mind some crazy positions or situations. I know this is not going to make a huge difference itself, but I feel like I’m learning something new about my excitement, and I’m sure it could help the whole practice. Another thing I’m noticing is the tension of my body that is unconsciously built up when I’m excited, nothing I can really manage by now, but even if very small I think it’s a step to the goal.

I have tried a few:
The testical breathing: I felt the cool sensations. But I couldn’t feel them as much on the top of my head. IT was somewhat less there (compared to back). And I was most comfortable lying on my right, sitting it was harder.

And I felt a little extraordinary “cool” sensation at my palate, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with the ,,eeehm,, “golden nectar” . Yeah :)

The power lock was cool too . It is much better than “reverse ejaculation” thingie, and you stay rock hard all the time, and I think it is much harder thAN KEGELS, TOO. (OOPS, CAPS).

So I think I’ll give up my classical “pass thepoint of no return then kegel” orgasmic technique. Because it gives fatigue nevertheless.


Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Hei, I don’t know if it’s just the committment or it’s already working, but last night I DECIDED to come. I started playing with my girlfriend blindfolding her touching and kissing all over her body with the idea to just get her off with oral. This usually gets me really excited, and yesterday was no exception, so after she came I entered her with my dick…after playing for a long time as I did yesterday usually the sensations on my dick are pretty strong, and again yesterday was no exception, so at first I had to stop many times, but after a while things got pretty wild and I started fucking her in every way it would come up to my mind and I could thrust as fast and strong as possible without stopping (!) and when she came for the third time I decided to come with her and enjoy the melting sensation laying beside her, her that couldn’t stop kissing me and telling me beautiful things. This gives me the biggest boost, guys it works, keep up with it!

Hey cirolli, that sound great. Seems like your girl really appreciated what you did. My experience is that women really appreciate a man’s ability to manage his ejaculation, and I say manage, not just control. Women in general are very sensitive to the energy part of sex. When the guy gets a handle on the ejaculation thing and can really ride with it, tuning more into to the woman’s energy comes naturally. She’ll love you for it.

I like to think of it as surfing, riding the waves. Rather than getting on a wave and riding it all the way in, crashing into the beach, you ride the wave in then bank off and go back out to ride another one in. Once you get the hang of it you can ride the waves for hours. Sometimes my wife and I do. The key is knowing when to bank off the wave before it breaks. As you practice solo to get the feel of it and then with your partner you learn to ride bigger and bigger waves until its a sweet rhythm where you can ride just about anything she can dish out. Then, when and if you decide to ride the wave all the way into shore together it will be really sweet for both people. You will also discover that once your lady starts sensing your mastery over yourself she will naturally up the sexual energy. She may not even notice she’s doing it but she will.

Sometimes we’ll finish without orgasming at all and the whole day is filled with a kind of heightened sexual energy, very nice.

Think about it Zig, after you’ve practiced this for a while and you do start spending time with a woman you’ll be able to show her a level of sex she is probably not used to but will like right away. She may just not be able to get enough of you, watch out.

As far as clamping down with an intense kegel, this is really just damage control. For the most part the ejaculation has already happened and you’re just trying to beat it back. You can always tell when this happens because you can feel the drop in energy and usually cant keep it up anymore. The point is not to let it build up to that point. Testicle breathing is good, in fact the breath is really one of the best way I have found to “ride the wave” so to speak without going over the edge. Also, pay close attention to your body tension, especially in your face.

Try this experiment, stimulate yourself until your getting close to the point of no return then smile, just with the smile you should notice the difference. It should bring you back from the edge. Then relax your face with the smile, which to some extent smiling does automatically, and see if that helps even more. Add to that deep relaxed breathing, relaxing your chest and abdomen. After a while you should be able to handle a lot more without going over the edge.

These are some of the things that work well for me.

Tsuga, I have just imagined myself first smiling, and then laughing hard with an erection, that itself seems so funny I laughed some more! :D

But thanks for the hint.The wave analogy looks cool, too. I don’t exactly understand what the “breaking of waves” is or how can you jump to the other one, for how it can exist , but these are all about experience , so I better shut up .. :D

I’m thinking to modify my clamping sessions to include power locks within them. I must realise the technique.
And some more time for testical breathing and scrotal compression everyday, combined with no ejaculation, .. ! :D

cirolli, that was cool man. Wonderful experience. Thanks for the inspiration.

And Zigga, what’s up?

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

I think, like Tsuga says, kegels should only be applied as brakes, when what we’re looking for is a smooth drive all the way through.

You don’t want to go furiously like you’re going to ejaculate, then stop yourself with a hard kegel, that’s hardly control. Think of your orgasm as an energy that expands till your energy center cannot contain it anymore. I really believe there is a threshold, past which, you orgasm, and that energy is Orgasmic Energy; the trick is to trigger that without ejaculation - difficult, I know. Try breaking that threshold, discontinue stimulation, perhaps a slight kegel to prevent ejaculation, and then relax. After you’ve done this a number of times, I believe you will be able experience a genital orgasm with no ejaculation.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; what this is really all about, is whole body orgasms.

So will the book “Multi-Orgasmic Man” serve as a good guide to these techniques? I’ve been wanting to improve the duration of sex for a while now. Sometimes I can do it naturally. Usually I was just drunk, but sometimes not. Regardless, even then I wasn’t mentally ready to cum and still did. Anyway, it sounds like this book is recommended. Is it, or are there others that are better? Thanks!

Pointedstick, if you read the whole discussion you’ll see that Tsuga, who seems to be really experienced on the subject, wrote about three books that can help in this journey. I actually have two of them, “Multi-Orgasmic Man” and the “Taoist secrets of Love” but, as Tsuga explained, even to me this seems one step above. I would say that the first one is very good to start with.

I’m back to earth now, yesterday I played with my lovely girlfriend but couldn’t repeat the same experience as the time before, I had to control myself all along the game…I wasn’t disappointed with this,I kind of expected it, I actually think it would be too easy if i got it so rapidly. The important thing to me is that I experienced it and now I know that I can do it, so I’ll stick with my solo cultivation even more than before.

You mean Tsuga is Mantak Chia??

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Originally Posted by kaan
You mean Tsuga is Mantak Chia??


you put quite a smile on my face and gave me a chuckle with that one, but alas, no I’m not Mantak Chia. I can see why you thought that with the way Cirolli worded the sentence. I think he was just saying that in a previous post I had written about three books I recommended reading on the subject. Thanks for the chuckle.


the book you mentioned, “Multi Orgasmic Man”, is an excellent book to work with but like I posted before I recommend two others, “The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity”, and “Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy”. I think starting with “The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity”, and combining it with “Multi Orgasmic Man” would be good. Then go on to “Taoist Secrets of Love” which is more advanced when you’re ready. I think the first two go together well and I’m not much for taking all my instruction from one author. Personally I really like the way “The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity” reads as well as finding the authors writing style inspirational. If you get this one its only the chapter on sex that pertains to this subject.


I hear where you’re coming from, not being able to repeat the experience. It happened to me all the time in the beginning. I’d feel so good after a great session with the wife, flowed with the energy, had good control without struggling. Bam, the next time I couldn’t get in the groove at all. I find its a little like an upward spiral, you reach a peak then swing back down but next time you come up to the peak its a little higher and the low isn’t quite as low. You’re on the path bro, that’s what counts.

By the way, can anyone tell me how to put different peoples quotes in one post. I don’t see how to do that once I begin a reply. Putting in the first quote is obvious, after that ??

Sorry for the misunderstanding, the problem is my english. Of course the meaning was that Tsuga referred to three books in a previous post.


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