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PE and a woman's mentality

PE and a woman's mentality

I’ve been pondering how PE can fuck with a girl’s head. Especially if she knows about it, or eventually finds out because hey, your cock is getting bigger… right? You can’t hide it forever.

But by your cock getting bigger, her whole facade is in jeopardy. Every kind word she may have told you about your dick slowly becomes the lies that they really were to begin with the bigger that your dick gets.
She may have told you that “size doesn’t matter” or she “likes you the way you are”, but then you start growing, and she’s digging it, suddenly she feels like a hypocrite. By your dick getting bigger, and by her greater appreciation of it, it proves that size does matter to women. Of course it does. Now she feels like a liar for what she told you in the past. Her whole brain-frame goes into meltdown.
If size doesn’t matter, than why do you like my dick getting bigger? I guess before PE, I was just okay. But now, it’s so much better because it’s bigger.

So there ya go. Just a thought. Anyone care to add on?

All i can say Prickle, is that even if she was stretching the truth to make the man that she loves feel better, I can’t see anything wrong with that.

Very few people like to be involved with someone who’s self esteem is down the toilet.

So boosting it with a few half truths can sometimes be better for everyone.

Hopefully she will simply enjoy the new you and not over analyse her own previous actions which were motivated by love or at least a genuine desire to make you feel better about yourself.


I recently made the pe

revelation to my wife. She is obviously digging the new me. (See my thread on increased frequency of sex after gains. My approach. I’m not gonna throw shit in her face about her little fibs to save my self image. She probably for the most part believe them herself. To get in some ones face about something like this would seem a hostile move and unecessary. It also is not going to do any thing for the chances of the relationship staying good.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I don’t think it woould mess with her head. She may re-evaluate what she was thinking but I don’t think it would bother her to the degree that she thinks she is a hypocrite. Sure, it my husband were bigger I would be “digging” it too, but since he is not, I am not than happy with what he got and how well I get it. ;)

I think most women are ok with the size of the one they are in love with. For that women to love you and stay with you your size obviously doesnt matter that much to her. It could still be true however that her perfect man is just you with a bigger dick. I love my wifes tits just the way they and enjoy playing with them regularly, I dont need them any bigger however if they are It would be kinda exciting for awhile just like a bigger dick on a womans man I guess.

Does PE mess with a woman’s head? NO!!!!!!!!!

First of all, if a woman is in love with you simply cause you have a big dick then she has a problem. That isn’t love. She loves you, the person, the dick is a part of you, not the other way around.

My partner is well endowed, but I would be just as happy with him even if he weren’t. I am in love with the man, not his penis.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Would you be saying that if he weren't well endowed?


“My partner is well endowed, but I would be just as happy with him even if he weren’t. I am in love with the man, not his penis.”’

I think she has answered this.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

From personal experience and from hearing “girl talk” in the office and in the bars, penis length is for men who are from Mars, penis girth is for women who are from Venus. Chicks prefer their men to be endowed, particularly in girth- It provides that “full” feeling for women and ensures them of you hitting the G-spot of the Vagina no matter the sex position. With a skinny, pencil-size dick, the woman will have to take bottom in the “doggy” position in order to get her G-spot effectively stroked. Most women do not really care for doing “it” doggy style- It’s not lady like and forces their face in the sheets as you are thrusting. Besides, take a look at the personal ads women place on the internet- All want to know who you are, what makes you tick (nobody wants a psycho) and will you be sensitive to their needs (nobody wants a selfish oaf)? But also, MANY will specify a “thick” cock and some will dictate a length, typically 8”. I think the length requirement is a rouse and is an indication that the ad is from a prick teaser- remember women are from Venus and require girth from a man.

So as my cock gets bigger and the sex gets better for her, than what was I doing before that? Nothing? I get trapped into this mental black-hole of thinking that the sex feels better because why? What has changed? Only my prick size. So it leads me to believe that before I started exercising for size, I wasn’t making a dent.

Kinda makes me want to go back to past lovers and “set the record straight” so to speak. If this is what the sex is like now, then what was I having before? Ugh, the truth hurts.

I think Luvdadus’ metaphor in the other thread was perfect:

“If you loved a certain ice cream and ate it every day and it did the trick for you, but then one day you found a different kind that you liked better, can you deny that the first ice cream satisfied you at the time? Of course not.”

She enjoyed being with you then, and she enjoys it now. If you weren’t making a dent, I’m sure you’d have detected this. She’s having sex with you and your dick, not just your dick. Don’t discount the whole emotional side to it.

Ease up on yourself man, you’re beating yourself up on this for no good reason.

I can think of many things I was satisfied with in the past and when something better came a long I admit liked it better, but that does not changed the fact that I was satisfied with the other thing first. The first car I owned was a chevy chevette. I was pleased and satisfied with it. When I was able to afford a fancier car, yes I admit I like it better, but that doesn’t mean that I suddenly wasn’t satisfied before with the chevette at the time.

>>If this is what the sex is like now, then what was I having before? Ugh, the truth hurts.>>

Just because it is “better” now doesn’t mean it was not satisfying to her before, just that it is better now - it should be that was your goal to start with. Prickle if you didn’t think getting a bigger dick should make some difference, why go to the trouble. It seems like you are punishing youself for being sucessful with the creating a bigger dick trick.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I hear ya… I’m just bitter. I see a shrink and all that. I guess everybody’s got their issues. I will only be happy when I reach full fruition… only then I’ll feel confident enough not to care about silly shit like this. But thanks for the replies, guys.


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