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PC Muscle

PC Muscle

How long do you think you need to do the PC Contractions for, for it to kick in, like making you shoot further, harder erections, no pre cum. I have been doing them for the past two months and I have got really strong erections now, and I can shoot it into the air when I do a reverse Kegal, but if I wank twice then I can’t do it the second time, but I still get pre cum and I can’t hold it in before orgasm, how long do you think it will take for me to be able to do this, like shoot without having to do a reverse kegal, I do around 500 contractions a day.

Are you sure you are getting “pre-cum” that you “can’t hold in?” I mean, is it totally clear fluid from the Cowper’s glands or are you describing something more opaque, whitish or grayish that you’re seeing, like normal ejaculate?



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