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Pain in testicle

Pain in testicle

Hi all,

I tried to post this in the men’s health forum, but I was not allowed for some reason. Please move the thread if need be.

I have been having an on again off again pain in my testicle for years. The pain starts off in my right testicle and later spreads to my lower abdomen and thigh and will hurt to the point where I can’t move my leg.

In the past, It would come and go every few months, usually in the colder months, but lately has been reoccurring at a faster rate.

Am I in any danger of having cancer? I’m in my early 20’s and am a very sexually charged person, but my girlfriend does want to be intimate often. Would this be causing any problem if I am not ejaculating often? I will also mention that I have a pronounced curve to the right. Could this be related?

The fact that your balls haven’t fallen off and you are still alive is a good sign. It could well be epididimitis, which is relatively benign or non dangerous.

HOWEVER….testicular pain is not to be taken lightly. It is foolish and potentially life threatening to continue to ignore these symptoms. Make an appointment with a good Doctor and have it checked out…ideally with a Urologist.

Pain that you’ve suffered from for YEARS? Doesn’t anybody call a doctor anymore?

Yes, testicular pain IS a symptom of many different types of diseases, INCLUDING testicular cancer. For your benefit, you better check that out with a doctor as soon as possible.

To answer your latter questions, lack of ejaculation could cause what we casually call “blue balls.” I’ve suffered from it, and many people have. It’s congestion of seminal fluid and semen. That is natural. Eventually, it will get released in some way. However, blue balls, at least in my experience, doesn’t cause pain. It causes a bit or soreness in the lower abdomen and in both balls. I’ve never had blue balls paralyze my leg in pain, so I’m assuming this is something entirely different.

You don’t have testicular cancer for years. You would be dead by now. But something is wrong. Do a self exam of your nuts. If you don’t know how look it up on Web MD. If you find a lump, go to the doctor NOW. My friend’s wife found a lump on his nut, and he went to the doctor. They had him on the operating table the same day. It was still too late and had spread to his lymph nodes. But like I said, your pain is probably not cancer. Even if you don’t find a lump. Go to the doctor.

It sounds like it could be some kind of hernia or twisted nut which can cause lack of circulation and eventual loss of your testicle. Just get checked out.

Sometimes a groin pull feels like a pain in your testicle but has nothing to do with your testicle. Your leg pain makes me wonder about that.

Horny Bastard

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