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Orgasmic Contractions Poll

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How many orgasmic contractions do you experience?

1 - 3


4 - 7


8 - 12


13 - 16


17 - 20


More than 20

Total Votes: 72. You may not vote on this poll

Thanks Thunder :)

Clearly from early results the mods, as a group, are working too hard at modding to be having any sex.

Thanks for opening up the channels. Now we’re getting responses.



>Clearly from early results the mods, as a group, are working too hard at modding to be having any sex.<

I know what you mean, there is no time for sex when either:

a) PE needs to be done
b) Reading about PE needs to be done
c) Thinking about PE needs to be done
d) Talking to people at thundersplace about PE needs to be done, or
e) Telling people to read the forum guidelines needs to be done

How the hell are we all supposed to fit sex in? Hell, I havent left the PC for 26 days now. I could do with a shave.

PS i’ll vote later

Just wanted to add, I usually have around 7 or so, last night I edged for quite some time, contractions jumped up to 14 when I finally cut loose :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

OK, I voted, it was 14. But I would not call it ‘stellar’, and they got progressively less intense.


I’m having a tough time participating in this one. Last thing I want to do is to change my focus from pleasure to trying to count contractions. Remember the commercial for Tootsie Pop where the owl tries to count how many licks it takes to get to the center? 1-2-3-crunch. I’m having the same problem. lol

I hear you. But just once, count for “science”?

There are a lot of great and curious minds here at Thunders. Together we may be able to come up with tips to make it possible for you to go from 3 or 8 orgasmic contractions to 10 or 18. Figure that each contraction lasts 0.8 seconds. Double your contractions and double your fun. Remember the Double Mint gum twins?




Thanks for the count. You can go back now to just enjoying them.

When we get more responses to the poll, we can then begin to speculate about the implications.

The rest of you? Jerk off or something. Add to the data. There are no wrong answers to this poll.



Who are the lucky bastards who have over 20 contractions? That is excellent. I experience anywhere from 7-10 contractions.



Maybe you could increase your ejaculatory contractions to 15 - 20, more maybe. That would be fun, you have to admit.

Let’s get some more data, then explore this idea.

The rest of you:

So far, out of the entire membership - 6400+ - only 44 men either care if they have 1 or 20 shots, or can be bothered to count, just once, while they ejaculate.

Don’t exaggerate, and don’t complete the poll just to pacify your very fave mod here at Thunder’s, Avocet8.

Vote. Then we’ll talk.



Are you guys ready to go anywhere with this yet? I’m dying here… ;)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.


I hear you and I’m chomping on the bit to get this moving along too.

Can we get 5 more orgasmic “counters” out there for the poll?




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